Wednesday, 4 December 2013

You must have to know about diabetes

About Diabetes - you have to know exactly who you can offer them and what dangers it has." Often had a change of lifestyle is the better way, says Fritsche, who sits on the board of the German Diabetes Society. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

The operation comes only from a body mass index of 40 questioned - at 1.70 meters size which is a weight from 115 kilograms, anyone who suffers from severe about addiction or depression, for which the OP is inappropriate.

"This is a third of very obese people," says Büchler "Because the problem is not in your stomach, but in the head." Büchler and post report, some climb after surgery to sweet soda to. Post: "If you take gallons of sugar solution to be highly concentrated, benefits little." Hopes put the surgeon on the surgical treatment of diabetes - initially a random effect.

"It has been seen that the diabetes goes away immediately when you operate this super fat people. This was a chance observation that no one wanted to only believe.

In the meantime but that is proved by good scientific studies, "says Büchler. Büchler working on a study to determine whether the OP moderately overweight can help with diabetes, he sees initial success, but warns: Home Workout Generator

“We do not yet have sufficient long-term results" Also, the mechanism is unclear. Maybe you would hormones in the stomach, which triggered in large quantity diabetes, reduced. According to another hypothesis, the bacterial composition changes in the intestine.

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