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Journal Psychological

Woman on the billboard is in your eyes an object

Both men and women see women as objects for advertisements. Sexy men see them as real people.

According to a Belgian study whose results are in the journal Psychological Science published. There has been considerable research on the effects that people see when objects have. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

"What is unclear is whether people on a basic level really see sexy women or sexy men as objects," explains researcher Philippe Bernard out. And scientists have now investigated.


Our brains see people and objects in different ways. Thus, for our example, it is quite difficult to identify on the basis of any part of a face.

While we are often very easy to adjust to what the object is. On the basis of a part of an object another example: when people get a picture of a man presented to the head, they often have difficulty recognizing the person depicted. An object that is displayed on the head, however, recognize them immediately.


Empathetic men ... women make you happy ?

On the upside, the researchers used the latter as a basis for their experiment. Dr. Charles Livingston

They showed people pictures of sexy men and women see in underwear. Such photos you see sometimes in magazines or on billboards along the way. Some photos were shown to the subjects on the head.

Taking pictures in a museum affects our memories of that museum visit

Taking pictures in a museum affects our memories of that museum visit

During a visit to a museum cameras usually work overtime: everything must be recorded so that we can remember it later, okay. A bad idea, as it turns out, research When we take pictures of objects, we can remember them later, just worse than when the camera stays in the bag. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Psychologists who conclude on the basis of experiments In a first experiment, subjects were given a tour of a museum. They were instructed to properly take these or photograph or study.

Quite certain objects in it The next day, the subjects were asked about the objects. The subjects who had photographed the objects, recognized the objects they had photographed, so good. Fewer questions about the objects correctly answer - even they could -. Compared with subjects who had just observed


Researcher Linda Henkel thinks he could explain the results. "When people trust that the technology helps remind them - they rely on the camera and think not so having to watch - it can have a negative impact on the extent to which they can remember their own experiences."


Recently ... a 'failed' painting by Van Gogh discovered? Home Workout Generator

One more time watching

Most people who take pictures, so they do it again later to view

Sounds and smells

When a foreigner with us trying to communicate with an imperfect, broken version of our language, we have the impression that this foreigner is not very intelligent but the reality is very different. "

Sounds and smells - Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

"Animals have different kinds of intelligence that are submitted by our fixation on language and technology under appreciated by us.

This shall include their social and kinesthetic intelligence. Some animals, such as gibbons, to a large number of varied sounds produce more than twenty different sounds with distinct meanings these primates enable cross communicate through the forest around.

Many quadrupeds leave behind complex odors in their environment. People, with their limited sense of smell, cannot even conceive of the complexity of the messages that smells."

Who wants to see how smart animals really are, with their own eyes: you do not far from home. Our own pets demonstrate their intelligence too often. "They can communicate their demands and to do that they want. Done our stuff The animal is much more complex than we think. "

Throw Skill made us who we are today - Dr. Charles Livingston

Throwing a ball or a javelin cast: monkeys can it bad, but we humans are running our hands for. A new study shows how we have developed that skill and demonstrates that the skill has played a crucial role in our evolution.

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How to get pregnant with twins

For millet - pour water so that it covered the whole pumpkin. Pumpkin soup - Put the slices in a pan sliced pumpkin, carrots, and paprika potatoes. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Pour water so that it barely covered vegetables simmer separately onions. When the onions will become a golden color, add the tomato paste. To do this, wipe grated a couple of tomatoes. When the vegetables in the pan are almost ready, add to the soup cooked easily. Add salt.

Baked pumpkin - Chopped pumpkin slices bake in oven at 180 * C for about 30 minutes. The finished dish can be eaten without seasoning, sweet as pumpkin itself, but you can sprinkle with black pepper, add the greens and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Dishes can change and invent new recipes with pumpkin. The main thing is that the process of cooking a dish you're not spoiled excess fat.

How to get pregnant with twins - Twins always evoke a sense of wonder and delight in others. It is believed that the birth of twins - this double problem. Dr. Charles Livingston

But on the other hand - it just two native man, two curious snuffling nose, two pairs of shining happy eye, and hence is happiness multiplied by two! The reasons for this desire to be different, and because many people are interested in how to get pregnant with twins, are there any specific methods and means to do so.

How to cope with depression fall

How to cope with depression fall - Often with the advent of autumn, we begin to feel depressed, and strength and energy is not even enough for the usual agenda. The basis of mood swings may recline autumn depression, which often manifests itself with the arrival of the first frost. Fat Loss Factor eBook

"Biological background autumn blues is undeniable: the reduction of the light of the day, the body is rebuilt in a new way, increases production of the hormone melatonin, which leads to a lowering of mood, - and says by practicing psychologist.

But their contributions for depression have also made our mental attitude and social environment.

The approach to coping with depression can and should be versatile, and the way the bad mood." Psychologist gives five practical tips on how to organize your day, leisure and diet to prevent the slightest chance of autumn depression.

Spend more time in the sun or in a bright room - Since a fall mood directly affects the hormone melatonin, which increases secretion in the dark, phototherapy (light therapy) will help to reduce its production and significantly improve the emotional state. If you have the chance - go on vacation in sunny countryside. Home Workout Generator

Increase physical activity - Muscle work contributes to the development of endogenous opiates, causing a slight euphoric state. If you want to cheer yourself up - actively move!

Dozen fears primarily associated with our differences

Conclusions are often served to us on a platter "knowing" and "reputable" people. Media dictate what women and men should be to please each other. If the meaning of life is not to find themselves, and like someone and it turns out that according to a pattern, a "real" woman should be without a gram of fat (which is the direct opposite of femininity and capabilities to bear a child), without wrinkles, sexy, ready at any moment to have an orgasm with a good husband and a successful career. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The "real" man should be: thick hair growth not less than 175 cm, a successful business, at least one car and real estate, excellent sense of humor, good health and readiness for sex at any moment.

If you look closely, you can see that a dozen fears primarily associated with our differences from other people and our personality. The man is afraid to be different and stand out as all of the total mass - for physical or social parameters.

But is it in the shower each of us strives to be unique? It is our identity helps us become they, to find themselves in the professional field and to be recognized for its second half. Dr. Charles Livingston

After all, according to the same opinion polls, a man who is looking for a life partner, the greatest concern is not size or her spouse and his willingness to have an orgasm, and their personal qualities.

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During flu bet on mushrooms

First lay with your knees bent slightly apart and 2 seconds, download pelvic muscles and again for 2 seconds, release. Repeat 10 times. Gradually lengthening contractions for up to 10 seconds.

Second the toilet alternately for 5 seconds and then we start holding back urine.

During flu bet on mushrooms, garlic and elderberry juice during flu bet on mushrooms, garlic and elderberry juice. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Crystal harmonizes the entire area of the lower abdomen

Crystal has an amazing ability to clean and stimulating energy. His healing power can also be used for incontinence and indeed in all gynecological problems.

Crystal vaginal exercises

We sit on the floor cross-legged in such a way that the spine was straight. Legs fold so that the heel of one foot touches the clitoris. Do you put vagina cleaned crystal the size of a walnut (you can also use rose quartz).

Regularly breathing while pulling down vaginal and anal sphincter

This exercise is performed 3 sets of 10 contractions. Then you lie down, cover with a half hour relaxes. Finally, pull the stone out of the vagina and clean. Dr. Charles Livingston

TIP: If you are not completely flexible, so we can exercise performed lying down with knees bent or sitting in a chair.

Dry stone

Stones need regular cleaning; there can be done in several ways:

Suffering from narcolepsy

I suffer from narcolepsy. I am able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime

I guess we all know the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty who slept and slept and slept ... long hundred years. Fat Loss Factor eBook

 Then came the prince kiss her awake and they lived happily ever after. But what if one of your closest suffers from narcolepsy - asleep in the middle of a word or work, and not do much with it? If you say this is quite dangerous, you're right.

I suffer from narcolepsy.  I am able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime More photos in the gallery

Sadie - modern Beauty

Sadie Jones, a mother of three from Devon, England, suffers from narcolepsy, and so strong that no treatment is able to sleep at a rock concert next speaker. In short sleep.

"I fell asleep several times during cooking, God forbid slicing, and I woke up to the smell of burnt food. I had to leave and my profession - who would like to stylist, fell asleep during it, when it will be cut? "Asks sadly Sadie.

After breaking up with the father of her three children, she was afraid that she will fall in love in life and establish a full-fledged relationship, because of his illness. Home Workout Generator

After all, who would like to have a relationship with someone who falls asleep without warning...?

Diagnosis: Narcolepsy After twenty years of futile fighting (and least sometimes unpleasant examination) doctors told her ruthless diagnosis of narcolepsy. Sadie paradoxically relieved because they found that what's bothering her has a name and more - we can fight it using pills.

High in fiber to the healing of the intestine

High in fiber to the healing of the intestine. Beans are appropriate prevention and complementary therapy in cancer patients.

English scientists have confirmed that the lections from beans organism can protect against bowel cancer.

These substances in laboratory tests followed the polysaccharides and stop the excessive division of cells affected, so the tumor process stopped. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Since beans are high in protein and other substances should be a regular part of the diet of healthy people, but also patients and people in recovery including those who have had cancer.

Peas calms nerves

What games have?

Peas are an important source of amino acids, proteins, comprising fats, enzymes, beta-carotene, vitamins E, B1, B2, B6, lecithin, from minerals phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, trace elements of chromium, iron, copper, cadmium, cobalt, manganese, selenium and zinc.

The healing effects of pea

Peas helps lower cholesterol, rids the body of toxins. Activates metabolism in cells. It also strengthens the nerves, mental freshness and rejuvenates. Dr. Charles Livingston


What lens contains?

Lens is an excellent source of protein and amino acids, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin A.

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How does Endometriosis develop

Endometriosis - What is it?

Endometriosis is a disease characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue (internally lining the uterus) outside the uterine cavity. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program


How it develops?

The exact cause is unknown. One theory suggests that during menstruation endometrial cells pass through the fallopian tubes into the abdominal peritoneal cavity, where it would implant.

The most common deployment locations are the ovaries, fallopian tubes, outer surfaces of the uterus and recto vaginal septum (area between the rectum and the female genital organ).

 Other theories suggest immune system changes and even a genetic inheritance.

Every period this endometrial tissue bleeds causing pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, urinary complaints, intestinal and infertility.

What a woman feels?

The most common symptoms include: Dr. Charles Livingston

Severe dysmenorrheal (cyclic pelvic pain that occurs before and during menstruation pain during or after sexual intercourse)
Chronic pelvic pain


Urinary symptoms such as painful urination Pain in the lower lumbar region (back) abdominal discomfort.

Surgical treatment: preferably constitutes laparoscopy

Surgical treatment:  preferably constitutes laparoscopy or, in certain cases, the conventional surgery that opens the abdomen like a Caesarean.

This intervention should be done by an experienced professional, even if the patient does not have kids and want to have them.

Surgical techniques for the preservation of the anatomy of the reproductive organs are very specific and often arise new strategies to prevent these organs, especially the ovaries, suffer irreversible damage that could impair reproductive capacity of the patient. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Radical surgery with removal of the ovaries may be indicated in severe cases, when the woman already has children and is close to menopause.

In cases of suspected deep and severe endometriosis with intestinal loop blocking the pelvis, a professional specialist in general surgery (female genital septum straight-organ) is required.

Medical treatment:  clinical treatments should be given after laparoscopy and should be viewed in addition to surgery already performed. The drugs are designed to suppress the body's hormones.

The most common are birth control pills, progesterone analogs and lately hormonal implants.

The most used are similar, because they lead to intense hormonal suppression.

The patient did not menstruate and leads to the onset of menopause symptoms identical, so it is considered by many as more efficient. Home Workout Generator

The implants are hormonal contraceptives that prevent bleeding and, due to its efficiency and the minimum number of side effects have been used in women who do not wish to have children. The use of clinical treatment as a therapeutic supplement is not compulsory and will depend on each case and the doctor who is treating the patient.

Pain during intercourse and abdominal pain


How often and in which women with endometriosis appear?

Appears in 10-15% of women of reproductive age (18-44 years) and 25 to 35% of women who have infertility problem 4) what are the main symptoms? Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The symptoms can be mild or exuberant. Infertility cases usually have mild symptoms.

A woman can have no symptoms and have to be presented as a single reference to difficulties conceiving.

Most often, the main sign is colic pain that appears in the premenstrual period. It is important to clarify that the intensity of pain is not related to the size or depth of the endometrial lesion. Imperceptible minor injuries can cause severe pain.

Other suggestive symptoms are:  pain during intercourse, abdominal pain with bowel movements, irregular menstrual bleeding, and constipation alternating with diarrhea, bleeding from the bowel, the bladder, and infertility.

There is other more rare and peculiar symptoms to every woman. 5) How is it diagnosed?

The final exam is always done by laparoscopy. Dr. Charles Livingston

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive intervention done in hospital under general anesthesia; the organs are observed by a video camera and operated by micro incisions. The period of hospitalization, most often, not longer than a day, and samples of tissue are removed and taken to the laboratory for examination.

Monday, 9 December 2013

New anti-inflammatory

New anti-inflammatory

"Recently, there is a new anti-inflammatory for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These are Homilist (brand name Danas). The drug inhibits the activity of an enzyme that plays a role in the inflammation associated with COPD. The agent is approved in Europe and is also compensated in some countries. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

In the Netherlands, the Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ) decided not to pay, because the beneficial effect is usually not so great. Moreover, the agent has many side effects for some people, especially for the gastrointestinal tract.

Yet for a limited category of COPD patients, I estimate hundreds, perhaps thousands, certainly an asset. For example, for people who are insufficiently responsive to other medications? It costs about € 500 per year, an amount that does not bring to everyone.

Benefit to the patient for whom the drug intolerance: less inflammation. Disadvantage: it costs € 500 per year. "

Money back - Dr. Charles Livingston

"The drug Foliar. (Active ingredient: ) suppresses allergic immune responses would expire because of doubts about the efficiency These costs are the costs between € 12,000 and € 15,000 per year Foliar has been proven effective for about 800 of the total..

500,000 asthmatics. As practitioners, we have made arrangements with the company that makes this drug and the CVZ, Foliar which remains available., we have committed to the group of patients we prescribe the drug.

What are the symptoms?

What are the symptoms?

Shortness of breath is not always the one who suffers long. The condition often progresses gradually, until you "suddenly" find that you do not come up the stairs without pausing in between Whether you're for example, out of breath after a bike ride. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Hear with age?

A decline in the condition, but with practice you can keep it reasonable. COPD is most common in people over 55 years and is usually caused by smoking. Asthma usually begins in childhood, but can also occur later in life. Heart failure is under the age of 65 rare.

What if you do not do anything?

The general condition is always something with aging backwards, but by endurance exercise you can do to keep up to date. Both heart failure and lung disease may get worse without treatment. The shortness of breath can be so severe that even activities such as shopping, cleaning, cooking and showering an entire enterprise.

What can the doctor do?

If the cause is a bad condition or overweight, then there is something to be done. Breathlessness The doctor will give general advice: lose weight, quit smoking and exercise tips. Home Workout Generator

Lung and heart diseases can be treated with medication and / or training programs, and sometimes even surgery. But the over-60s who are being treated for asthma or COPD, over 80 percent are still short of breath.

The body can hardly absorb oxygen

The body can hardly absorb oxygen, causing distress occurs and the patient has a seizure.

Causes - Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

An asthma attack occurs mainly at night and early morning, and for several reasons. For example irritants, where people are allergic to (allergens) These are: dust mites flakes of animal pollen, pollen fungal spores In addition, an asthma attack can be caused by all kinds of odors, such as:

Tobacco Perfume Roast meat Insulation Chipboard Other causes are:

Drugs Foods weather carrying out efforts stress emotions

It is often difficult to figure out exactly which the lungs become irritated. Namely an asthma attack occurs a half hour to 24 hours only after the mucosa is stimulated.

Prevent Attacks

If you have asthma, you can make yourself do something about your complaints. A good tool is to move. This ensures that your lungs are enabled to provide more oxygen to take. Make sure that you are well informed about responsible exercise and sports. There are various websites and directories that provide extensive information on this topic. The following tips may help:
No smoking Combat dust mites Rooms well ventilated Careful remodeling. Dr. Charles Livingston

Keep pets no.


It is striking that more and more children get asthma. Many researchers are convinced that this is due to our increasing prosperity and hygiene. Because our environment is getting cleaner, children are less infectious.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Avoid Drop in blood sugar during pregnancy

Avoid for baby to drop blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in childbirth;

Decrease rate of cesarean section. weight loss program

Its Gestational diabetes is initially treated with meal planning and exercise.

If these measures are inherently not the expected effects, insulin treatment is indicated (this is because the effects of oral ant diabetic agents are not well established in pregnancy, so they cannot be used at this time.

Nutritional Therapy and Physical Activities

For many women, the Nutritional therapy is sufficient to maintain blood glucose within the values recommended by the doctor. Therefore, it is important to visit a nutritionist.

The amount of daily calories, as well as the type of food, is standardized with reference to the current weight of the pregnant woman, her rate of weight gain and the magnitude of change of the fetus (ultrasound).

Physical exercises: increase the passage of glucose from the blood into the cells, reducing blood levels even some people with special needs during pregnancy can.

Swimming and / or walking. Contraindications will be directed by the physician. Dr. Charles Livingston

Insulin Therapy

The Insulin therapy is used and recommended by a doctor, if there is difficulty in achieving satisfactory results only with diet. Indication: Exchange = fasting glucose above 105 mg / do glucose Exchange quantified 2 hours after meal = above 130 mg / do.

Insulin therapy should be closely monitored and controlled, since deviations of diet and exercise can trigger severe hypoglycemia.

To remove the alarm perfect water treatments

On a positive attitude - Lack of sunshine on many influences, so that there is anxiety and depression, meditate: Get away, sit in a comfortable position for you, close your eyes and think about the most pleasant. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Woman meditating - To remove the alarm perfect water treatments, ideally would like to enjoy the swimming pool, but it will help and rapid method: hold hands under running cool water arms from the elbows to the palms, as if washing off with water alarm and sad thoughts.

Necessarily planning to go out and those who for a long time will create a positive creative spirit, it may be fair, the movie, a concert or a play. The main thing - to reset and recharge you disheartened good creative mood.

Stock up on items with relaxing music; wear a favorite perfume, which elevate mood. Speaking of flavors - autumn season is indispensable aromatherapy, because the body reacts to a very lively smells.

It is best to increase efficiency and relieve fatigue aromas of citrus, ylang-ylang and cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary. And before going to bed, take a warm bath with lavender, juniper, pine needles. Home Workout Generator

Sea has a contradictory impact on our appearance. On the one hand, contains a lot of useful components, on the other - dry skin, hair bleaching, amplifies the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and causes pain in the eyes and other discomfort.

How to extract the maximum benefit of the world ocean and avoid problems, says Maria Taranenko.

The fact that the vaccine is effective

At the first stage will be held vaccination staff that serves a large number of people: doctors, teachers, customs and military. Further, all the populations concerned. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The fact that the vaccine is effective, the Deputy Minister has no doubts. According to her, Russian virologists analyzed all domestic antivirals and have identified several substances whose effectiveness against this strain comparable to that of international standard "Tamiflu", and their combinations significantly exceed its effectiveness.

Moreover, they can be used not only in the first two days of the disease, but also throughout the period of infection - 7 days. Only in Russia now there are drugs with virtually zero toxicity, which can be applied to pregnant women and newborns.

"Currently completed Phase II clinical trials of the new Russian antiviral drug - analog" Oseltamivir ", which also surpasses its effectiveness and non-toxicity, - underlined. Information it submitted to the WHO, and we hope that the organization will take into account Russia's experience and contribute to the accelerated registration of our vaccines." Dr. Charles Livingston

Autumn season in good mood - Sun is on the street less, days getting shorter, the mood among many poor. Sadness, anxiety, and even the common cold - and that's on the verge of depression. Let's learn how to cheer yourself to improve your mood, boost immunity and recharge your batteries.

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It is also recommended to eat more olive oil

It is also recommended to eat more olive oil and do not miss the opportunity to drink natural green tea. These foods - high content of vitamins, minerals and acids, are responsible for different components of healthy skin. Another excellent supplier of vitamins in the body is broccoli. Weight loss program

For Kidneys - The most important for the proper functioning of the kidneys are foods containing vitamin A: This carrot, onion, bell peppers, spinach and parsley, dill and cilantro. In addition, healthy kidneys needed pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, some varieties of apples and plums.

Stomach - First of all it is recommended to use fresh and organic foods. Most helpful for the stomach are vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as whole grains. Additionally, nutritionists recommend at least occasionally indulge your stomach freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

Hair – It is necessary to strengthen hair and nails are trace elements iron, zinc and silicon. The first two are abundant in shellfish, beef and various grains. Silicon may be obtained from fruits, vegetables (and peel), and fungi. Dr. Charles Livingston

Brain - Brain to work at their best, experts recommend to include in the diet of salmon meat, cocoa beans, coffee, blueberries and real green tea. Not redundant will also be a variety of seafood, cod, pistachios, fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread, bitter chocolate and oatmeal.

Cosmetics based on fruit extracts Vitamin cocktail

Today masks from natural fruits and vegetables are still relevant, but in their performance, they cannot compare to cosmetic products, created with the use of modern technology.

The reasons for this lies in the fact that fruit mask on the skin have a well-defined impact - say, moisturize or soften the skin. Unlike these creams act holistically, not only moisturize and nourish the skin, but also tightens it, and strengthen. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Cosmetics based on fruit extracts Vitamin cocktail - Other creams on the basis of the same fruit extracts give a positive effect?

Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, allowing the skin to make up their own losses. The fact reminds that our body itself is capable of producing only vitamins A and D, and the rest should come to him with food.

Already 20 years of skin starts to lose nutrients much faster than it receives them from the body, and therefore needs a recharge from the outside.

Extracts of fruits, usually saturate the skin by several vital substances such as vitamins A, C, D, E, Pp, as well as essential trace elements: magnesium, iron and potassium, which improve the complexion. Home Workout Generator

In addition to vitamins in fruits contain acid, easily exfoliating dead cells. Creams with fruit acids have intense action; they are noticeably tightening the skin and give it a fresh and healthy look. Depending on the concentration used can be applied daily or courses beginning 28 years.

Fasting has a powerful impact on the full metabolism

Fasting has a powerful impact on the full metabolism. After all, food - it's not what we eat, but what we can learn. Fasting trains the digestive, endocrine, urinary system, it is very important to distinguish between medical and health starvation. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Fasting - is a set of procedures and activities that should be appointed expert. As a result of improperly conducted prolonged starvation can cause serious kidney problems, heart irregularities. Without training and consulting a doctor is definitely harmful and even dangerous event.

Suitable for sanitary starvation - Healthy people 20 to 50 years without any damage to health can go without food for 1-2 days. But this is more a test of willpower dosed fasting - recreational activities. Need to spend it wisely and competently.

Before you start to starve, you need to clean the intestines. It is best to put the enema 1.5 liter. You can replace this procedure laxatives - 30 g of magnesium sulfate dissolved in a glass of hot water.

During the "hunger" of the day you should drink at least half to two liters of fluid. It is best suited for this purpose drinking water without gas, with a little salt content. Dr. Charles Livingston

It is also useful in the day to take a hot bath or shower. As they say, clean the inside and outside. It is easy to understand that fasting is best to spend the weekend.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The desire to get the hair of the head

This may be the result of a disease - then you should go to the dermatologist. For example, infections, side effects of medications, poison with heavy metals, a disease of the scalp or nutritional deficiencies.

All of this can be successfully treated. Even with hormonally and thus hereditary hair loss drugs help. However, these can have significant side effects. "Please ask the doctor," Manthey advises against taking medication. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

No scientific evidence - In age-related hair loss, there are many cosmetic products. "Whether caffeine, burdock root extract, thymus-active complex, Sabal extract of the saw blade palm, or dietary supplements - there is as yet none of these means sufficient evidence of special effects," says Manthey.

However, since full head of hair represents youth, attractiveness and success, many sufferers of lack of evidence will not be deterred.

"The desire to get the hair of the head is of course understandable," says Birgit Huber. "However, can the typical male hair loss never completely resolve, but minimize maximum or conceal."

Other experts, in turn, ensure that circulation-enhancing shampoos, scalp water or lotions can certainly help to stimulate growth and to prevent the hair loss. Dr. Charles Livingston

"For external use help especially ingredients that stimulate the scalp," says Sascha Breuer Styling Expert for Wella applied over a longer period, can the hair loss with special products contain."

It is recommended to prevent prolonged stress

It is recommended to prevent prolonged stress through strength training or get rid of stress by stressful. Muscle cells could reduce stress hormones rapidly and thus turn their inhibitory function on the organism. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Optimism and friends help - The immune system be beyond influence by psychological factors, says the psychiatrist and psychotherapist. So could have a positive effect, inter alia, optimistic outlook on life and good social ties to the physical condition.

Hair Loss: The best remedy for plate - Against age-related hair loss is no cure. Stimulating shampoo and scalp but water can stimulate the growth; a good haircut can hide a lot. Gel, spray and powder conjure wealth.

Receding hairline, plate, Bald, complete crown or permanent swimming cap: Will my hair thin or even fall out completely, reduce the funniest names not the disappointment. But what little water, lotions or even pills help with hair loss?

The love Age - Hair loss is really common. "Everyone loses around a hundred hairs a day," explains Christiane Manthey of the Consumer Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. "This is quite normal." Fat Loss Factor Success Stories

And at the age lose many men just as much of wealth that make up bald spots. Half of men 26-45 years, full hair, say Birgit Huber of the industry association for personal care and detergent (WBB) in Frankfurt am Main. "From 45 there are still only 25 percent."

You must have to know about diabetes

About Diabetes - you have to know exactly who you can offer them and what dangers it has." Often had a change of lifestyle is the better way, says Fritsche, who sits on the board of the German Diabetes Society. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

The operation comes only from a body mass index of 40 questioned - at 1.70 meters size which is a weight from 115 kilograms, anyone who suffers from severe about addiction or depression, for which the OP is inappropriate.

"This is a third of very obese people," says Büchler "Because the problem is not in your stomach, but in the head." Büchler and post report, some climb after surgery to sweet soda to. Post: "If you take gallons of sugar solution to be highly concentrated, benefits little." Hopes put the surgeon on the surgical treatment of diabetes - initially a random effect.

"It has been seen that the diabetes goes away immediately when you operate this super fat people. This was a chance observation that no one wanted to only believe.

In the meantime but that is proved by good scientific studies, "says Büchler. Büchler working on a study to determine whether the OP moderately overweight can help with diabetes, he sees initial success, but warns: Home Workout Generator

“We do not yet have sufficient long-term results" Also, the mechanism is unclear. Maybe you would hormones in the stomach, which triggered in large quantity diabetes, reduced. According to another hypothesis, the bacterial composition changes in the intestine.

Rheumatic patients are at higher risk of heart attack

Less breast implants, but more and more tightening - Thus, 22 percent of patients could be increase the breast size in the current survey period, which is 1.5 percent less than the year before. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Increased significantly by 6.8 percent to 8.3 percent, the proportion of chest tightening, which are for the first time arrives, according to the DGÄPC since the survey began in 2008 among the top ten top ten interventions. They are ranked sixth in the list.

Rheumatic patients are at higher risk of heart attack - From rheumatism affected people are unfortunately also affected by other diseases more likely than healthy people. So the risk for Myocardial infarction and strokes is greater due to endangered blood vessels.

Rheumatism patients have twice as high a risk of heart attack and stroke as healthy people. Then, the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM) back in Stuttgart.

The so-called rheumatoid arthritis the body's defenses attack healthy tissue - primarily the bones are affected. However, this is accompanied by an inflammatory response throughout the body, which also attracts the blood vessels affected. Dr. Charles Livingston

If left untreated, rheumatic be life-threatening. Drugs insulate a heart attack and stroke risk. The victims themselves should make sure that their blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat levels are correct.

In addition, exercise helps. Cigarettes are taboo for rheumatic patients, because they promote inflammation of the joints and reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dancing for perfect figure

Dancing for perfect figure - While aerobics tight choreography is in the foreground, to Zumba revolves more during the dance. "When the coach aerobic counts aloud, and all focus on what he says and does," explains Christopher Kalkbrenner, dance teachers from Bielefeld. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Zumba is non-verbal and intuitive: Here, the participants learned to listen to the music, recognizable elements in it and to move to the rhythm. Here you'll not as fast out of the choreography:

Those who cannot follow a step combination, just keep dancing - just as he can. The training is easy to learn and suitable for all ages, because everyone stays at his own pace.

Party for butt and abs - Zumba is available with dumbbells, for the elderly or as Aqua Zumba. With the rhythmic Latin music many moving fall slightly, in the course arises a party character.

According Kalkbrenner Zumba promotes both endurance and fat burning. "It's a Querbeet training of the calves to the thighs, butt and stomach of up to the poor," says the fitness trainer. It also improves the body feeling. Fast Food Foojoo Software

Physician must deliver complete medical record - Whether in cases of suspected treatment failure or merely to avoid duplicate investigations: Patients have the right to access to her medical records without giving any reason. A refusal of the doctor is a professional legal violation.

Psychotherapy to build a trusting relationship

"If it is designed from the good culture of dialogue and the children voluntarily talk about themselves, what they experience in school and leisure time, then that is a very important protective factor against many different problem behaviors", the development psychologist clear. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Address misunderstandings with the psychotherapist - Who talk to each other openly, provides clarity and gives the record straight. This motto can also help patients and therapists in the psychotherapy to build a trusting relationship.

Patients must be able to trust their psychotherapists. Therefore, you should address them directly if they feel mistreated or misunderstood by him.

This is indicated Christa Roth-Sackville, chairman of the German Association of Psychiatrists (BVDP) in Krefeld, back. You should also mention any new symptoms or worsening of their condition in a timely manner.

Otherwise it could be that the relationship between therapist and patient, and thus the success of treatment is compromised.

Both should explore whether there might be evidence in the developments only by a process that is indeed perceived by patients as difficult, but is part of the therapy progress. Home Workout Generator

Often painful steps would be useful, explains Roth-sac home. But do not improve after 10 to 20 hours the problems, both should consider whether the therapeutic approach or even the therapist needs to be changed. As a rule, the patient makes at the beginning of therapy five test sessions.

The acute care of heart attack patients

After the first regionally collected at the German Heart Report 2011 data for heart attack mortality rate is the probability of dying from a heart attack, in Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Saxony almost twice as high as in Schleswig-Holstein, Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Hesse, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria. Only Mecklenburg-Vorpommern falls in the East with 77 heart attack deaths per 100 000 inhabitants out positively.

"On the causes can be currently only speculate," said DGK President Christian Hamm. The successes of the past 20 years in the heart medicine are enormous. "Almost half of the increase in life expectancy in Germany goes back to them."

That halved the mortality rate of heart attack patients who reach the hospital, five to six percent. According to the statistics succumbed in 2011 in Germany 52 113 people (6.1 percent) a heart attack. Compared with 2000, 18.4 percent women and 15.8 percent fewer men died.

The acute care of heart attack patients is very good according to the DGK. Thus, almost 90 percent of patients could be restored blood flow to the heart muscle. Dr. Charles Livingston

Adolescence is not a disease - Even with early onset do not - Lübeck / Jena (dpa / tmn) - Breast with eight and ten with the rule - which is now no longer a rarity. Some girls are even earlier turn. For parents and children, the early physical and emotional changes can lead to great uncertainty.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Information about Digital care

Always pay extra attention to your e-mail correctly addresses, so he does not fall into the wrong hands.

The name, address, date of birth and patient number in the email. So you can not be confused. Else with someone. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Make sure your GP briefly and clearly informs about your symptoms and the question you have.

If you are on the consultation with "you" appeals to your doctor, do so in the e-mail correspondence. Do not go jibe JOUEN even sign your doctor with the first name. "Dear Doctor" is a common term of address. 

The probability is very small, but still: online communication is not one hundred percent waterproof. Keep that in mind.

Remote care: the patient has control health brings care closer

Over five years, digital relief of the doctor as common as sending an e-mail to your best friend Now there may be a lot, but not much happens.

Why is that?

digital doctor, care-at-distance, e-health We mail with (small) children, family and friends, book our holidays online and find friends on the Internet or a new love. But digital care? It still feels weird. Yet it seems that development does not stop. Dr. Charles Livingston

E Health era

Experts know for sure: we are on the threshold of a new era in health care, the so-called e Health era. Another name for e Health is' remote care. But actually doing e Health opposite: it brings healthcare closer. You get through the computer doctor, nurse or home care worker in the home.

Association for e-Health

Digital doctoring

Mole is a board member of the Dutch Association for e-Health Ten years ago; he was the first doctor that started with e-mail consultations. Fat Loss Factor eBook

When digital doctoring was still controversial The National Association of General Practitioners found it "downright irresponsible" to act without the doctor had seen them off. Asking patients


The tide has turned. The KNMG, the professional organization of physicians, has established guidelines for online contact between patient and physician.

And now the doctor gets paid for e-mail consultations: as much as for a telephone consultation (rates January 2012 - end). GPs are not obliged to communicate with patients. E-mail

In 2010 was estimated to be only 10 per cent of GPs the possibility. Robert Mol: "They are afraid that they will get even busier, but it really is not that patients mail about every little thing, they have more trepidation I receive an average of two emails per day, that there could be many more... Home Workout Generator

“The e-mail consultation is not only fast and efficient, will Mol. "I notice that the patient also helps to get because they need to clearly describe what they suffer from. In an e-mail more insight into their complaints"

Eyes open when latch purchase

The delicacy: it is not "sweetened with stevia." In fact, the product of nearly 100 per cent carbohydrates, which are declared as isomalt, maltitol syrup, sorbitol syrup and fruit juice concentrate is made. Even chocolate manufacturers use this trick. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The food market for children's theater particularly treacherous promise for example, attracts a manufacturer for its crispy bars as follows: " Knusper Genuss - not just for kids - our mini- Filinchen with colorful sprinkles.

They are baked with chocolate and are just right for a snack in between, in kindergarten or at school. "But the product contains 19 times more sugar than the normal.

Eyes open when latch purchase - In general, it is said to watch out for bars. There is hidden that a trooper. The consumer centers could make a bolt in addition to the reported sugar had ten more, for sugar content contributing ingredients.

Only four of them were recognizable to consumers as sugar. Still less would be expected of sugar in liver sausage or vegetable products, but Greek coleslaw contained four times more sugar than comparable products. Reported was in addition to sugar, the harmless-sounding dextrose. Dr. Charles Livingston

Start with pineapple fit into spring - The closer the spring, the greater at many of the desire for a healthy diet and ideal weight. Pure pineapple but is of limited use for dieting. Healthy and delicious, the fruit is nevertheless.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Spare set of medications

A vacation in a colder place, however, the absorption of insulin will reduce. This gives higher values. Additionally may also change.

Your diet Many people drink more alcohol on holiday and eats different food than usual. Talk with your doctor in advance about the conditions in the holiday. Check your blood sugar regularly spot values. Visit weight loss program


Insulin can best keep cool in a cooler between towels or in a thermos.

Keep a statement bag in the language of the holiday. Put in the fact that your diabetes have and how many people you can help in case of emergency.

Also do a spare set of medications in the hand luggage of fellow travelers. Should something happen to your hand luggage, you still have medicine on hand.

Provide carbohydrates in your hand luggage, cookies or something. Should the trip take longer than planned, and then you have something to eat anyway.

Influence of vitamins on drugs and vice versa!

Many people take medication daily, sometimes several times a day and often for a longer period. Daily medicine to swallow sometimes affects the absorption of vitamins. This is also true vice versa, vitamins, sometimes affecting the operation of a drug. Dr. Charles Livingston

Vitamins, drugs, influence, interact, complement deficiency

The Vitamin Information Agency, the key interactions (interactions) between vitamins and medications in a row. In general, however, always applies: check the package insert for the drug you use and consult your doctor.

What about e-cigarettes and secondhand smoke


RIVM also emphasizes that e-cigarettes can work just as well Addictive as regular cigarettes "Like nicotine in traditional cigarettes is nicotine in e-cigarettes addictive." And it is important that the user realizing it. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Especially since generally not warned of such addiction on the packaging of e-cigarettes


What about e-cigarettes and secondhand smoke (also called passive smoking)? RIVM: "Although there is no passive smoke, exhaled air may still contain harmful substances. Instead of "secondhand smoke" occurs "passive smoke" on. "Measurements of indoor air after using an e-cigarette have demonstrated the presence of formaldehyde and benzene (both can work carcinogenic to humans).
Misleading information

One of the more interesting parts of the factsheet does away with health claims which are to be found especially in ads that promote the e-cigarette.

It is "misleading information" according to the RIVM. So manufacturers often claim that the health benefits of the e-cigarette are similar to the health benefits that quitting smoking has. "That is not known," emphasizes the RIVM. "Even in e-cigarettes are more carcinogenic substances."

Even the claim that e-cigarettes deal with cough and mucus is incorrect. "Mouth and throat irritation, dry cough, dizziness and nausea are the most common side effects of the use of the e-cigarette. Home Workout Generator

"Another - in the eyes of the RIVM quickly pulled - conclusion is that e-cigarettes can cause cancer . The RIVM indicates that e-cigarettes include contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen in humans. The assertion that pregnant women with confidence an e-cigarette can smoke, is slicing hoed by RIVM.

The national happiness of a country increases

Makes money happy? Yes, a sloppy or 26,500 Euros!

Are people in a prosperous country happier than people in poor countries? Typically, however, as new research shows. But that happiness has limits: when the gross domestic product per capita is around 26,000 Euros, the peak happiness, to come down from a higher income then again. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

According to a study by the University of Warwick

The national happiness of a country increases, as the gross domestic product per capita rises. But that is not a limitless increase.

The moment in richer countries reached the gross domestic product per capita about $ 36,000 (about 26,515 Euros), the feeling of happiness starts to wane. Again "Our new analysis has a surprising conclusion is drawn, never before," said researcher Eugenio Proto. "That the satisfaction after a certain level of wealth is falling."


And that is easily explained, according to the researchers. "A higher GDP leads to higher aspirations." People want more and have the idea to have to trump each other: the neighbor a new car? We are a new car! "The difference between the actual income and the income that we would like to have, eats happiness to us." Dr. Charles Livingston

The gross domestic product per capita in 2012 The redder the richer Netherlands has a gross domestic product per capita is around 35,000 Euros.