Sunday, 1 December 2013

What about e-cigarettes and secondhand smoke


RIVM also emphasizes that e-cigarettes can work just as well Addictive as regular cigarettes "Like nicotine in traditional cigarettes is nicotine in e-cigarettes addictive." And it is important that the user realizing it. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Especially since generally not warned of such addiction on the packaging of e-cigarettes


What about e-cigarettes and secondhand smoke (also called passive smoking)? RIVM: "Although there is no passive smoke, exhaled air may still contain harmful substances. Instead of "secondhand smoke" occurs "passive smoke" on. "Measurements of indoor air after using an e-cigarette have demonstrated the presence of formaldehyde and benzene (both can work carcinogenic to humans).
Misleading information

One of the more interesting parts of the factsheet does away with health claims which are to be found especially in ads that promote the e-cigarette.

It is "misleading information" according to the RIVM. So manufacturers often claim that the health benefits of the e-cigarette are similar to the health benefits that quitting smoking has. "That is not known," emphasizes the RIVM. "Even in e-cigarettes are more carcinogenic substances."

Even the claim that e-cigarettes deal with cough and mucus is incorrect. "Mouth and throat irritation, dry cough, dizziness and nausea are the most common side effects of the use of the e-cigarette. Home Workout Generator

"Another - in the eyes of the RIVM quickly pulled - conclusion is that e-cigarettes can cause cancer . The RIVM indicates that e-cigarettes include contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen in humans. The assertion that pregnant women with confidence an e-cigarette can smoke, is slicing hoed by RIVM.

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