Monday, 9 December 2013

What are the symptoms?

What are the symptoms?

Shortness of breath is not always the one who suffers long. The condition often progresses gradually, until you "suddenly" find that you do not come up the stairs without pausing in between Whether you're for example, out of breath after a bike ride. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Hear with age?

A decline in the condition, but with practice you can keep it reasonable. COPD is most common in people over 55 years and is usually caused by smoking. Asthma usually begins in childhood, but can also occur later in life. Heart failure is under the age of 65 rare.

What if you do not do anything?

The general condition is always something with aging backwards, but by endurance exercise you can do to keep up to date. Both heart failure and lung disease may get worse without treatment. The shortness of breath can be so severe that even activities such as shopping, cleaning, cooking and showering an entire enterprise.

What can the doctor do?

If the cause is a bad condition or overweight, then there is something to be done. Breathlessness The doctor will give general advice: lose weight, quit smoking and exercise tips. Home Workout Generator

Lung and heart diseases can be treated with medication and / or training programs, and sometimes even surgery. But the over-60s who are being treated for asthma or COPD, over 80 percent are still short of breath.

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