Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The desire to get the hair of the head

This may be the result of a disease - then you should go to the dermatologist. For example, infections, side effects of medications, poison with heavy metals, a disease of the scalp or nutritional deficiencies.

All of this can be successfully treated. Even with hormonally and thus hereditary hair loss drugs help. However, these can have significant side effects. "Please ask the doctor," Manthey advises against taking medication. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

No scientific evidence - In age-related hair loss, there are many cosmetic products. "Whether caffeine, burdock root extract, thymus-active complex, Sabal extract of the saw blade palm, or dietary supplements - there is as yet none of these means sufficient evidence of special effects," says Manthey.

However, since full head of hair represents youth, attractiveness and success, many sufferers of lack of evidence will not be deterred.

"The desire to get the hair of the head is of course understandable," says Birgit Huber. "However, can the typical male hair loss never completely resolve, but minimize maximum or conceal."

Other experts, in turn, ensure that circulation-enhancing shampoos, scalp water or lotions can certainly help to stimulate growth and to prevent the hair loss. Dr. Charles Livingston

"For external use help especially ingredients that stimulate the scalp," says Sascha Breuer Styling Expert for Wella applied over a longer period, can the hair loss with special products contain."

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