Monday, 9 December 2013

The body can hardly absorb oxygen

The body can hardly absorb oxygen, causing distress occurs and the patient has a seizure.

Causes - Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

An asthma attack occurs mainly at night and early morning, and for several reasons. For example irritants, where people are allergic to (allergens) These are: dust mites flakes of animal pollen, pollen fungal spores In addition, an asthma attack can be caused by all kinds of odors, such as:

Tobacco Perfume Roast meat Insulation Chipboard Other causes are:

Drugs Foods weather carrying out efforts stress emotions

It is often difficult to figure out exactly which the lungs become irritated. Namely an asthma attack occurs a half hour to 24 hours only after the mucosa is stimulated.

Prevent Attacks

If you have asthma, you can make yourself do something about your complaints. A good tool is to move. This ensures that your lungs are enabled to provide more oxygen to take. Make sure that you are well informed about responsible exercise and sports. There are various websites and directories that provide extensive information on this topic. The following tips may help:
No smoking Combat dust mites Rooms well ventilated Careful remodeling. Dr. Charles Livingston

Keep pets no.


It is striking that more and more children get asthma. Many researchers are convinced that this is due to our increasing prosperity and hygiene. Because our environment is getting cleaner, children are less infectious.

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