Sunday, 8 December 2013

The fact that the vaccine is effective

At the first stage will be held vaccination staff that serves a large number of people: doctors, teachers, customs and military. Further, all the populations concerned. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The fact that the vaccine is effective, the Deputy Minister has no doubts. According to her, Russian virologists analyzed all domestic antivirals and have identified several substances whose effectiveness against this strain comparable to that of international standard "Tamiflu", and their combinations significantly exceed its effectiveness.

Moreover, they can be used not only in the first two days of the disease, but also throughout the period of infection - 7 days. Only in Russia now there are drugs with virtually zero toxicity, which can be applied to pregnant women and newborns.

"Currently completed Phase II clinical trials of the new Russian antiviral drug - analog" Oseltamivir ", which also surpasses its effectiveness and non-toxicity, - underlined. Information it submitted to the WHO, and we hope that the organization will take into account Russia's experience and contribute to the accelerated registration of our vaccines." Dr. Charles Livingston

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