Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The acute care of heart attack patients

After the first regionally collected at the German Heart Report 2011 data for heart attack mortality rate is the probability of dying from a heart attack, in Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Saxony almost twice as high as in Schleswig-Holstein, Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/

Hesse, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria. Only Mecklenburg-Vorpommern falls in the East with 77 heart attack deaths per 100 000 inhabitants out positively.

"On the causes can be currently only speculate," said DGK President Christian Hamm. The successes of the past 20 years in the heart medicine are enormous. "Almost half of the increase in life expectancy in Germany goes back to them."

That halved the mortality rate of heart attack patients who reach the hospital, five to six percent. According to the statistics succumbed in 2011 in Germany 52 113 people (6.1 percent) a heart attack. Compared with 2000, 18.4 percent women and 15.8 percent fewer men died.

The acute care of heart attack patients is very good according to the DGK. Thus, almost 90 percent of patients could be restored blood flow to the heart muscle. Dr. Charles Livingston http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/dr-charles-livingston/

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