Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Rheumatic patients are at higher risk of heart attack

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Increased significantly by 6.8 percent to 8.3 percent, the proportion of chest tightening, which are for the first time arrives, according to the DGĂ„PC since the survey began in 2008 among the top ten top ten interventions. They are ranked sixth in the list.

Rheumatic patients are at higher risk of heart attack - From rheumatism affected people are unfortunately also affected by other diseases more likely than healthy people. So the risk for Myocardial infarction and strokes is greater due to endangered blood vessels.

Rheumatism patients have twice as high a risk of heart attack and stroke as healthy people. Then, the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM) back in Stuttgart.

The so-called rheumatoid arthritis the body's defenses attack healthy tissue - primarily the bones are affected. However, this is accompanied by an inflammatory response throughout the body, which also attracts the blood vessels affected. Dr. Charles Livingston

If left untreated, rheumatic be life-threatening. Drugs insulate a heart attack and stroke risk. The victims themselves should make sure that their blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat levels are correct.

In addition, exercise helps. Cigarettes are taboo for rheumatic patients, because they promote inflammation of the joints and reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

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