Sunday, 1 December 2013

Spare set of medications

A vacation in a colder place, however, the absorption of insulin will reduce. This gives higher values. Additionally may also change.

Your diet Many people drink more alcohol on holiday and eats different food than usual. Talk with your doctor in advance about the conditions in the holiday. Check your blood sugar regularly spot values. Visit weight loss program


Insulin can best keep cool in a cooler between towels or in a thermos.

Keep a statement bag in the language of the holiday. Put in the fact that your diabetes have and how many people you can help in case of emergency.

Also do a spare set of medications in the hand luggage of fellow travelers. Should something happen to your hand luggage, you still have medicine on hand.

Provide carbohydrates in your hand luggage, cookies or something. Should the trip take longer than planned, and then you have something to eat anyway.

Influence of vitamins on drugs and vice versa!

Many people take medication daily, sometimes several times a day and often for a longer period. Daily medicine to swallow sometimes affects the absorption of vitamins. This is also true vice versa, vitamins, sometimes affecting the operation of a drug. Dr. Charles Livingston

Vitamins, drugs, influence, interact, complement deficiency

The Vitamin Information Agency, the key interactions (interactions) between vitamins and medications in a row. In general, however, always applies: check the package insert for the drug you use and consult your doctor.

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