Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dozen fears primarily associated with our differences

Conclusions are often served to us on a platter "knowing" and "reputable" people. Media dictate what women and men should be to please each other. If the meaning of life is not to find themselves, and like someone and it turns out that according to a pattern, a "real" woman should be without a gram of fat (which is the direct opposite of femininity and capabilities to bear a child), without wrinkles, sexy, ready at any moment to have an orgasm with a good husband and a successful career. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The "real" man should be: thick hair growth not less than 175 cm, a successful business, at least one car and real estate, excellent sense of humor, good health and readiness for sex at any moment.

If you look closely, you can see that a dozen fears primarily associated with our differences from other people and our personality. The man is afraid to be different and stand out as all of the total mass - for physical or social parameters.

But is it in the shower each of us strives to be unique? It is our identity helps us become they, to find themselves in the professional field and to be recognized for its second half. Dr. Charles Livingston

After all, according to the same opinion polls, a man who is looking for a life partner, the greatest concern is not size or her spouse and his willingness to have an orgasm, and their personal qualities.

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