Thursday, 12 December 2013

How to cope with depression fall

How to cope with depression fall - Often with the advent of autumn, we begin to feel depressed, and strength and energy is not even enough for the usual agenda. The basis of mood swings may recline autumn depression, which often manifests itself with the arrival of the first frost. Fat Loss Factor eBook

"Biological background autumn blues is undeniable: the reduction of the light of the day, the body is rebuilt in a new way, increases production of the hormone melatonin, which leads to a lowering of mood, - and says by practicing psychologist.

But their contributions for depression have also made our mental attitude and social environment.

The approach to coping with depression can and should be versatile, and the way the bad mood." Psychologist gives five practical tips on how to organize your day, leisure and diet to prevent the slightest chance of autumn depression.

Spend more time in the sun or in a bright room - Since a fall mood directly affects the hormone melatonin, which increases secretion in the dark, phototherapy (light therapy) will help to reduce its production and significantly improve the emotional state. If you have the chance - go on vacation in sunny countryside. Home Workout Generator

Increase physical activity - Muscle work contributes to the development of endogenous opiates, causing a slight euphoric state. If you want to cheer yourself up - actively move!

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