Friday, 13 December 2013

Taking pictures in a museum affects our memories of that museum visit

Taking pictures in a museum affects our memories of that museum visit

During a visit to a museum cameras usually work overtime: everything must be recorded so that we can remember it later, okay. A bad idea, as it turns out, research When we take pictures of objects, we can remember them later, just worse than when the camera stays in the bag. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Psychologists who conclude on the basis of experiments In a first experiment, subjects were given a tour of a museum. They were instructed to properly take these or photograph or study.

Quite certain objects in it The next day, the subjects were asked about the objects. The subjects who had photographed the objects, recognized the objects they had photographed, so good. Fewer questions about the objects correctly answer - even they could -. Compared with subjects who had just observed


Researcher Linda Henkel thinks he could explain the results. "When people trust that the technology helps remind them - they rely on the camera and think not so having to watch - it can have a negative impact on the extent to which they can remember their own experiences."


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One more time watching

Most people who take pictures, so they do it again later to view

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