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Journal Psychological

Woman on the billboard is in your eyes an object

Both men and women see women as objects for advertisements. Sexy men see them as real people.

According to a Belgian study whose results are in the journal Psychological Science published. There has been considerable research on the effects that people see when objects have. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

"What is unclear is whether people on a basic level really see sexy women or sexy men as objects," explains researcher Philippe Bernard out. And scientists have now investigated.


Our brains see people and objects in different ways. Thus, for our example, it is quite difficult to identify on the basis of any part of a face.

While we are often very easy to adjust to what the object is. On the basis of a part of an object another example: when people get a picture of a man presented to the head, they often have difficulty recognizing the person depicted. An object that is displayed on the head, however, recognize them immediately.


Empathetic men ... women make you happy ?

On the upside, the researchers used the latter as a basis for their experiment. Dr. Charles Livingston

They showed people pictures of sexy men and women see in underwear. Such photos you see sometimes in magazines or on billboards along the way. Some photos were shown to the subjects on the head.

Taking pictures in a museum affects our memories of that museum visit

Taking pictures in a museum affects our memories of that museum visit

During a visit to a museum cameras usually work overtime: everything must be recorded so that we can remember it later, okay. A bad idea, as it turns out, research When we take pictures of objects, we can remember them later, just worse than when the camera stays in the bag. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Psychologists who conclude on the basis of experiments In a first experiment, subjects were given a tour of a museum. They were instructed to properly take these or photograph or study.

Quite certain objects in it The next day, the subjects were asked about the objects. The subjects who had photographed the objects, recognized the objects they had photographed, so good. Fewer questions about the objects correctly answer - even they could -. Compared with subjects who had just observed


Researcher Linda Henkel thinks he could explain the results. "When people trust that the technology helps remind them - they rely on the camera and think not so having to watch - it can have a negative impact on the extent to which they can remember their own experiences."


Recently ... a 'failed' painting by Van Gogh discovered? Home Workout Generator

One more time watching

Most people who take pictures, so they do it again later to view

Sounds and smells

When a foreigner with us trying to communicate with an imperfect, broken version of our language, we have the impression that this foreigner is not very intelligent but the reality is very different. "

Sounds and smells - Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

"Animals have different kinds of intelligence that are submitted by our fixation on language and technology under appreciated by us.

This shall include their social and kinesthetic intelligence. Some animals, such as gibbons, to a large number of varied sounds produce more than twenty different sounds with distinct meanings these primates enable cross communicate through the forest around.

Many quadrupeds leave behind complex odors in their environment. People, with their limited sense of smell, cannot even conceive of the complexity of the messages that smells."

Who wants to see how smart animals really are, with their own eyes: you do not far from home. Our own pets demonstrate their intelligence too often. "They can communicate their demands and to do that they want. Done our stuff The animal is much more complex than we think. "

Throw Skill made us who we are today - Dr. Charles Livingston

Throwing a ball or a javelin cast: monkeys can it bad, but we humans are running our hands for. A new study shows how we have developed that skill and demonstrates that the skill has played a crucial role in our evolution.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

How to get pregnant with twins

For millet - pour water so that it covered the whole pumpkin. Pumpkin soup - Put the slices in a pan sliced pumpkin, carrots, and paprika potatoes. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Pour water so that it barely covered vegetables simmer separately onions. When the onions will become a golden color, add the tomato paste. To do this, wipe grated a couple of tomatoes. When the vegetables in the pan are almost ready, add to the soup cooked easily. Add salt.

Baked pumpkin - Chopped pumpkin slices bake in oven at 180 * C for about 30 minutes. The finished dish can be eaten without seasoning, sweet as pumpkin itself, but you can sprinkle with black pepper, add the greens and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Dishes can change and invent new recipes with pumpkin. The main thing is that the process of cooking a dish you're not spoiled excess fat.

How to get pregnant with twins - Twins always evoke a sense of wonder and delight in others. It is believed that the birth of twins - this double problem. Dr. Charles Livingston

But on the other hand - it just two native man, two curious snuffling nose, two pairs of shining happy eye, and hence is happiness multiplied by two! The reasons for this desire to be different, and because many people are interested in how to get pregnant with twins, are there any specific methods and means to do so.

How to cope with depression fall

How to cope with depression fall - Often with the advent of autumn, we begin to feel depressed, and strength and energy is not even enough for the usual agenda. The basis of mood swings may recline autumn depression, which often manifests itself with the arrival of the first frost. Fat Loss Factor eBook

"Biological background autumn blues is undeniable: the reduction of the light of the day, the body is rebuilt in a new way, increases production of the hormone melatonin, which leads to a lowering of mood, - and says by practicing psychologist.

But their contributions for depression have also made our mental attitude and social environment.

The approach to coping with depression can and should be versatile, and the way the bad mood." Psychologist gives five practical tips on how to organize your day, leisure and diet to prevent the slightest chance of autumn depression.

Spend more time in the sun or in a bright room - Since a fall mood directly affects the hormone melatonin, which increases secretion in the dark, phototherapy (light therapy) will help to reduce its production and significantly improve the emotional state. If you have the chance - go on vacation in sunny countryside. Home Workout Generator

Increase physical activity - Muscle work contributes to the development of endogenous opiates, causing a slight euphoric state. If you want to cheer yourself up - actively move!

Dozen fears primarily associated with our differences

Conclusions are often served to us on a platter "knowing" and "reputable" people. Media dictate what women and men should be to please each other. If the meaning of life is not to find themselves, and like someone and it turns out that according to a pattern, a "real" woman should be without a gram of fat (which is the direct opposite of femininity and capabilities to bear a child), without wrinkles, sexy, ready at any moment to have an orgasm with a good husband and a successful career. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The "real" man should be: thick hair growth not less than 175 cm, a successful business, at least one car and real estate, excellent sense of humor, good health and readiness for sex at any moment.

If you look closely, you can see that a dozen fears primarily associated with our differences from other people and our personality. The man is afraid to be different and stand out as all of the total mass - for physical or social parameters.

But is it in the shower each of us strives to be unique? It is our identity helps us become they, to find themselves in the professional field and to be recognized for its second half. Dr. Charles Livingston

After all, according to the same opinion polls, a man who is looking for a life partner, the greatest concern is not size or her spouse and his willingness to have an orgasm, and their personal qualities.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

During flu bet on mushrooms

First lay with your knees bent slightly apart and 2 seconds, download pelvic muscles and again for 2 seconds, release. Repeat 10 times. Gradually lengthening contractions for up to 10 seconds.

Second the toilet alternately for 5 seconds and then we start holding back urine.

During flu bet on mushrooms, garlic and elderberry juice during flu bet on mushrooms, garlic and elderberry juice. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Crystal harmonizes the entire area of the lower abdomen

Crystal has an amazing ability to clean and stimulating energy. His healing power can also be used for incontinence and indeed in all gynecological problems.

Crystal vaginal exercises

We sit on the floor cross-legged in such a way that the spine was straight. Legs fold so that the heel of one foot touches the clitoris. Do you put vagina cleaned crystal the size of a walnut (you can also use rose quartz).

Regularly breathing while pulling down vaginal and anal sphincter

This exercise is performed 3 sets of 10 contractions. Then you lie down, cover with a half hour relaxes. Finally, pull the stone out of the vagina and clean. Dr. Charles Livingston

TIP: If you are not completely flexible, so we can exercise performed lying down with knees bent or sitting in a chair.

Dry stone

Stones need regular cleaning; there can be done in several ways: