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Keeping a positive mental attitude

Keeping a positive mental attitude, working together with your doctor and following the recommended treatment, can be "the best medicine" for reflux disease.

Esophagi are an inflammation of the lower esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that connects the throat to the stomach. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

An esophagus is produces heartburn and pain in the area behind the breastbone.

An esophagi is from reflux is caused by a condition called gastro-esophageal reflux is when the acidic contents of the stomach back into the esophagus causing burning. When reflux occurs frequently the acid juice can inflame the esophagus causing esophagi is.

How so?

Can happen:

Obesity Pregnancy Hiatus Hernia

Vomiting frequent

Person suffering from Scleroderma

After the use of nasal-gastric tubes

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms can arise when you lie down after meals and are relieved when you sit. They include: Heartburn.

Severe pain or pressure behind the breastbone Pain Cough. Fast Food Foojoo Software

And Shortness of breath

Heartburn, the most common symptom usually occurs 30 to 60 minutes after a meal and can be severe. The pain may radiate to the neck, jaw, arms and back.

Diagnoses of reflux disease

As uncomfortable as it may be, the condition of reflux is usually a mild illness that rarely life-threatening. However, complications can develop when a person is not treated properly.

These include bleeding or ulcers in the esophagus and in a few cases, a real narrowing of the esophagus. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

This can lead to difficulty swallowing food and stop the narrowed area.

Its reflux chronic may also be associated with Barrett's esophagus, a condition that can lead to cancer.

It is easy to diagnose reflux disease

There are several possible methods used for the diagnosis of disease reflux.

A radiograph of the stomach and duodenum may be performed to confirm a diagnosis of the disease reflux.

A more sensitive method is endoscopy, the doctor who provides direct visualization of the esophagus. Some hospitals and doctors' offices are equipped to affecting an acidity test of 24 hours.

This test measures the acid content of the stomach and requires patients to use a recorder to the battery. List Of Breakthrough Videos

During this period, patients can perform normal activities, including sleep. Additional tests called esophageal motility studies can be performed. These methods are aimed at evaluating the movement of food and the ability to empty the esophagus.


The goals of treatment are to control symptoms, accelerate healing any damage, and reduce the recurrence and complications.

The symptoms of diphtheria


Diphtheria (or croup) is a respiratory problem caused by the sudden contraction or inflammation of the trachea or larynx.
Occurs in childhood, usually after colds and flu.

It's symptoms of diphtheria may be caused by inflammation of the epiglottis valve located on the top of the larynx, which closes the glottis when swallowing. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

In this case, the disease is very serious because it can cause sudden airway obstruction.

Children get very inflamed epiglottis slaughtered, with slightly bluish lips, have high fever and sometimes difficult to lie down or swallow saliva.


The symptoms of diphtheria worsen at night. In general, the child wakes up during the night. His breath, this moment, is strange: the inspiration is marked by a shrill shriek and expiration, cough rough.

Breath and cough typical of this disease indicate that this is a situation that requires medical care.


Try to keep the child calm the irritation of the throat can be relieved with hot steam. If this does not provide significant relief in about half an hour, open the window and make the child breathe fresh air. Dr. Charles Livingston

Stay treatment with inhalation of vapor or fresh air for several days, reinforcing his attention whenever symptoms reappear.

In cases of gastritis associated with the bacterium H. Pylori, elimination of the organism is associated with an improvement in clinical symptoms.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Why to eat fish?

Why to eat fish? They are an important source of iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, B-complex and B12, vitamin A and D. Fish meat, protects against heart attack or stroke reduces the risk of prostate cancer and depression. It inhibits the aging of skin.  Introduction

So we should not indulge fish only during the Christmas holidays. Nutritionists recommend eating fish meat twice a week. Just as our body gets enough omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of blood clots.

It also improves circulation in the finest blood vessels and regulates blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels of risk. Improve the elasticity of blood vessels and can also reduce high blood pressure.

Non-fat fish, such as trout, sharks or zander, are very easy to digest. Bolder seafood (salmon, tuna) is sources of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and it is shown that the two meals of fish per week reduce the risk of heart disease in half.

Always use a frying vegetable fat or oil is suitable for frying and make sure that it is sufficiently warm up but the resulting energy value of the Christmas carp affects the way of its preparation. Dr. Charles Livingston

After frying, remove excess fat from the food either drying towel, or dipping fried foods for a few seconds in boiling water. Energy value of the food we can reduce to the fact that the packaging in which it keeps most of the fat simply will not eat.

Sugars can also cause other health problems

In addition to weight sugars can also cause other health problems. Excessive use of sugar leads to acidification of the intestinal environment. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Acids break down essential vitamins and minerals a body comes primarily of calcium from the bones - because people have high sugar diets high predisposition to a disease that arises from a lack of calcium (osteoporosis, tooth decay). Because they like sugar yeast Candida albicans, means higher sugar intake and the risk of yeast infections.

Sugars on the other hand, we must radically limit. They are essential for human nutrition. Mean for the human body the required energy source, a reservoir of energy in the form of glycogen and building block of connective tissues.

There are healthier options that our body brings something more than just the immediate source of energy. With proper metabolism of sugars play important role minerals. Glands are used to produce enzymes that cleave carbohydrates. Refined beet sugar, however, the process of refining minerals comes and gives us only empty calories.

Diabetics need regular sugar completely excluded, not even the best white flour, the brown sugar is recommended rather wholemeal flour. The sweet taste then adds, in addition to sweeteners also dried fruits. Bread can also make special taste strong spices. Home Workout Generator

There are suitable recipes that do not need any sugar or flour, since diabetics are more at risk as some of the diseases of cardiovascular system, you should avoid meals and foods rich in cholesterol.

It is necessary to concentrate and maintain control

It is necessary to concentrate and maintain control over all the ins and outs. This is called pranayama, or breath control.

Basic types of breathing: Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

•    Abdominal (deep)
•    Thoracic (intercostal mid)
•    Subclavian (shallow)

Full yogic breath is a combination of all three parts of the breath. It begins deep belly breathing gradually through touch to the intercostal and subclavian area. Deep breathing improves the nutrition of tissues, nerves and organs.

If our body has an adequate supply of oxygen and improves our metabolism, removes excess uric acid from the blood and improves the elasticity of the intercostal muscles, the diaphragm relaxes and the spine.

How to work the muscles of our body?

If one muscle is working, the second muscle relaxes and stretches. This means that our muscles work on the principle of balancing the two antagonistic forces. When unilateral exercise our muscles are constantly switching and can cause their injuries and fatigue, yoga exercises can eliminate this stress by using relaxation techniques. Dr. Charles Livingston

When gradually stretch and relax the muscles and tendons, each muscle at one end and insertion of the second tendon. Asano practiced every muscle group with the opposite function. With power yoga we practice the muscles very deeply embedded.

Exercise of individual positions joints gradually loosen and remove the pressure on the cartilage and restores the correct position of the bones.

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Certain types of nuts were crucial to the effect that they observed


The researchers emphasize that they could not determine whether certain types of nuts were crucial to the effect that they observed. However, the reduction in mortality was found to be peanuts as for nuts that grow on trees (walnuts, hazelnuts). Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program


To prevent certain effects were attributed erroneously to note the researchers made use of sophisticated ways to analyze the data.

For example, the investigation showed that people who ate nuts typically were less likely to smoke, to exercise more, to use multivitamins to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more alcohol. With the aid of the advanced data analysis, the researchers were able, nevertheless, to the effects of these factors on the health had to separate the effects that had nuts.

"In all of these analyzes was true: the more nuts people ate, the less the chance that they died in the thirty years that followed," says researcher Ying Boa The people who get less than once a week ate nuts saw their mortality decreased by seven percent. People who ate nuts once a week, had to deal with a drop of eleven percent. Dr. Charles Livingston

For people that are two to four times per week ate nuts, which was thirteen percent. For people who are seven or more times per week ate nuts, that was twenty percent.

Cuddle Hormone soldiers fraternize

Cuddle Hormone soldiers fraternize

Soldiers fighting side by side and are willing to die for each other have the same instincts as a mother compared to her children. They were in the heat of battle even have the same hormone in the body: oxytocin, known as the cuddle hormone. Fat Loss Factor eBook

When people are nice to each other or are related to stress, the hormone oxytocin is released. Even mothers who have just had a baby, are full of the hormone, the fabric must ensure that there is a band formed with the newborn child. Of course, the effect is also a downside. For example, people with hormone extremely aggressive towards outsiders.

Experiment with the researchers that knowledge in hand, started a special experiment. They let subjects play a simulation game.
Some of the subjects were administered oxytocin for the game.

The people in this group were found to be much more connected with each other during the game and to behave more aggressively towards the opponent. Home Workout Generator


"It cuts both ways," says researcher Cars ten De Drau. "It makes you kinder to your group, but more aggressive to outsiders." During the experiment, the subjects had to make choices that had financial consequences for themselves, the members of the competing groups. The people who received the hormone administered grabbed prefer the opponent.

Human recognizable after nasty gossip

Human recognizable after nasty gossip

People recognize a person's face quickly if they have heard anything bad about that person according to research.

The researchers got 66 students see faces and read texts belonging to the faces. The texts concerned positive, negative or neutral gossip. Then had subjects in a device look In addition, they were given a house in one eye and the other eye is projected a face of someone she had read about earlier. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Aware, only one of the images can be observed. aware at any given time The brain is constantly exchanged with 'conscious' mind: the house and face were seen taking turns and length of people they consciously perceived differed. When the subjects saw faces, they had to press a button, and continue to do so until they saw the house again.


Men ... more effort to be nice ?


The research shows that the subjects saw a face much more than a home when they heard. negative stories about the faces Positive or neutral gossip had no such effect. Dr. Charles Livingston


In a second experiment was done exactly the same, only now the subjects were given different types of gossip (positive, negative or neutral), or something had happened to the faces to hear. Even now took only the negative gossip sure that the subjects saw the faces longer.

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Unconsciously eat more during use digital products

Unconsciously eat more during use digital products

Generally, people normally eat their food. But if you sit at the computer, sitting watching television or someone is talking, and then people quickly tend to be more to eat. These people do it unconsciously but in a sense, this happens in many cases. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

The cause of this is that if several things are done right, the man tastes fewer flavors in the food, this study by Lotto van Dillon Leiden University and Reined of Wall Redbud University.

They have a number of subjects taken and these numbers and letters to remember, at the same time they have given you to eat these subjects lemonade sweet or sour lemon juice and snacks.

In the tests always different numbers and letter sequences were given. It added they had different types of food and drink given as variations in fresh, salt and acidity. The more the subjects had to remember how they were going to taste faintly.

Eating and drinking They ate at the times that they had to remember more and more they preferred sweeter and salty food. Dr. Charles Livingston

According to researchers, all this is because the brains of humans begin to focus less on the flavors of food. During multitask A fairly large amount of people think that the power is not big enough for that bag of chips to leave. This is certainly not, this bowl is that people are going to do too much and then they add unconsciously eg more salt to eat yet to taste anything.

Psoriasis is a tricky ailment


Psoriasis is a tricky ailment nobody is waiting. You can undergo a lot of discomfort when this condition has been established. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Psoriasis is in fact very uncomfortable but not always imply that this does away your life. With the right options is a pleasant life greatly attainable. It is annoying psoriasis in everyday life. Psoriasis limited to, a human.

All those chips make you shy and that's frustrating. Can be treated psoriasis something? That is the question? Is taking drugs enough to cure this ailment Experts are saddled with this issue. There is a lot of money for further research. Your contribution is very welcome. many people assume that Psoriasis is caused by a lack of personal hygiene.

However, this is incorrect moreover these comments usually very offensive to the people who suffer from psoriasis.

Something a lot of people do not know is that often causes this ailment is a defect in the immune system of humans. It is therefore wrong to judge people based on their skin, these patients are defenseless against your prejudices. Home Workout Generator

Therefore, be cautious when you see a patient with this condition walk and remember: you could be a victim. What is important in this question: How does one recognize this ailment? Well, there are a number of important features. First, a reddish uneven skin.

Chronic Hyperventilation

Chronic Hyperventilation

Our respiratory center in the brains controls the speed at which we breathe. It does this on the basis of the amount of carbon dioxide in our blood. Carbon dioxide in the blood is a waste product of combustion in our body. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The amount of carbon dioxide to (e.g. sports), then our breathing rate higher The amount of carbon dioxide off (we are at rest), the breathing frequency lower. The respiratory rate is also affected by our emotions.

If we are afraid or angry, take the breath frequency increases, in order to prepare for possible action’s Body this is called hyperventilation. The body has buffer systems to compensate for the loss.

Of carbon dioxide in this situation, Such buffers keep the blood and the body in an optimum degree of acidity. In itself, hyperventilating in exciting or fearful situations so innocent.

Chronic hyperventilation (CHV) is caused by a respiratory frequency following exposure to prolonged stress or other causes, the respiratory center, just a bit too long upheld. In the course of time (often takes years), the buffers used up, and then there is a situation in which the blood alkaline (opposite of acid) is created. Dr. Charles Livingston

The optimum pH is gone and almost all body processes - all of which depend on the optimum pH - are affected by it. It gets even worse when starting to get to that low acidity in the blood. Respiratory center accustomed us Because now is the respiratory center controlling breathing frequency from a lower setting of the acidity.

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Sauna is one of the ways we can increase the activity of our immune system

Sauna is one of the ways we can increase the activity of our immune system. When applying this procedure to humans operate alternately dry air of high temperature and relatively rapid cooling. Regular sauna facilitates the removal of mental and physical fatigue, speeds recovery after power increases the organism's ability to survive in difficult life situations. Fat Loss Factor eBook

For all these positive effects can stay in the sauna very popular addition to health care for adults and children from the earliest age. The Czech Republic is the most widespread method of the Finnish sauna.

Potirna - Basic rooms in the sauna sweat room. It's a room that is lined with poplar, alder, aspen or spruce. The heating sauna use different heat sources. Effect of heat sweating may be accelerated by pouring hot stove small amount of water (up to ¼ l), which immediately evaporates, but immediately precipitates in the form of small water droplets.

Temperature changes the height at which the temperature is measured. When the floor is a temperature around 40-60 ° C, the ceiling is 140 ° C. Staying at such high temperatures allows dry air. Dr. Charles Livingston

Cold zones - If the sauna in nature is cold zones pond or lake, if not tend to be in larger saunas, plunge pools or you can use a cold shower. Cold water closes the pores and promotes blood circulation in skin temperature changes.

Washing body parts is nothing unusual for a child

More advanced form of contact - After the toys followed by another form of contact of the child with water, and the active use of water for different tasks.

For example, a child can learn how to pick up water in his hands, as you rinse face and gradually learn immersed in water the whole face. Later we proceed to attempt to exhale through the nose into the water first, then the mouth, open eyes under water. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Also as blowing through a straw or tube into the water is one of the very popular children's games. Form of habituation to water and the child's entry into the water in the pool, swimming pool, etc. It is not only the action of the water itself. Large water area raises the child some constraints that cannot be overcome by force.

Washing the skin - Washing body parts is nothing unusual for a child, so the child will like to take the game to hardening. Use a washcloth washing away the child's body parts. Gradually expanding area of the body, which use water washed and 30 -34 ° C warm.

Once he's washing the whole body (it may take five, but also fifteen days), we start with a gradual reduction in water temperature, every few days by 1 ° C. temperatures decrease until we get to the values in the range of about 15-20 ° C. Home Workout Generator

Then continue for some time while maintaining the same temperature and then follows up other water treatments which are more difficult for the organism.

Beware of Bunnies

Teenage son begins to exceed husband. In everything - What to do? It is a natural process. Rivalry between fathers and sons, as well as between mothers and daughters thriving, is age-old. Son of possible husband reminds ambitious young colleague who slowly but surely pushed out of leadership positions in the company. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

And so his professional frustration consumes at least a son. The solution is to leniency towards explaining the situation to her husband and children, so that the two estranged unnecessarily.

The daughter is even worse. Father suddenly struggling to keep her home promises, threats, bans. Work is worried about her, partly jealous. Try to distract attention from the daughter of her husband's frequent business activities in two, without children.

Beware of Bunnies - Elderly man subconsciously hoping alongside bunny rejuvenates that sucker can impress your husband? Wrong. Easy laughs every time your "old" slaps something stupid. You'd wiped him sarcastically. Dr. Charles Livingston

Finally, someone looks up to him and appreciates his strengths. This he proves he's still a big "cock" when he takes a second female.

After several decades of working out a functioning marriage partner's infidelity and the Sphinx falling in love but it takes several months and actually men often do not want to leave the marriage. It is a high probability that hormone levels stabilize, sober man, maybe he figures out what was and is, and at some point will turn what he was before.

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Warning signs indicate a depression

French scientists also found that the Smoke does also forgetful. In memory tests performed much worse than smoking Non smoking or people who had stopped.

These warning signs indicate a depression - The rapid detection of the disease is important because with the continued progression of depression, it is more difficult to reach those affected. Many refuse any help, obstruct before diagnosis, pull back and have often end only one wish: You want to die. These signals should take members seriously. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

When sadness and fears outweigh - To be depressed is to feel a deep inner emptiness and sadness. Sufferers are desperate. Existential anxiety, self-blame and the feeling of not being loved, determine their thoughts.

You are in a vortex of hopelessness and of itself not make it out of him. You feel worthless, crave affection and do it often but not to accept this. They come from other, although they actually need their help.

Affects one in six once in a lifetime - According to the Barmer / GEK health fund every sixth person suffers once in their life under a depressive disorder, women are affected about twice as often as men. Fast Food Foojoo Software

A real depression would get about 19 percent of women and twelve percent of men. This means that even if one is not affected itself, the probability is very high, to know someone with this disease.

The effect per cigarette lasts seven to eight hours

By coughing, the body transports pollutants - Since the effect per cigarette lasts seven to eight hours, going at an average smoker to continue the metaphor of the garbage disposal, throughout the day, not vice versa, says Michael Barczok. "At night, take the garbage back to work." The result: the morning coughing. He is a good sign: the body transports pollutants. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Cough shortly after smoking cessation often worse and the cilia can recover again, when smokers quit smoking, explains Tobias Raupach, spokesman for the Tobacco Prevention Working Group of the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine.

"So many have to cough after they have stopped smoking at first a little more," said the internist and cardiologist at the University Hospital Göttingen.

Smoker's cough may indicate COPD - However, the smokers cough should be a warning sign. For so meaningful and important expectoration of pollutants is also - the panting also indicates to irreversible changes in the bronchi, says Bubel.

"If they cough frequently or sometimes whistles breathing, if they have moderate physical effort dyspnea, they should go to the lung doctor." The remodeling processes in the bronchi may be harbingers of worse diseases. In about half of all smokers develop over time chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), says Barczok. List Of Breakthrough Videos

"Box-years" say the beginning of lung disease requires. A rule of thumb is to develop women 20 men after 30years, where a pack of cigarettes per day smoked, the chronic disease.

How to survive the flu and recognize good myocarditis time

How to survive the flu and recognize good myocarditis time?

Already hoses slightest effort - Actually, Felix H. had already felt better. After two weeks with cough, runny nose and body aches from the bed he had enough hats. He wanted to get back into the fresh air and get back to work. But already climbing the stairs was difficult for him. The short way to work suggested visiting him. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Again and again he felt shortness of breath. The recreational athletes do not know anything really. As the symptoms did not improve even after several months, Felix finally went to the doctor. The recognized: his patient is suffering from a myocardial inflammation and warns that if he does not spare himself further, heart damage may remain.

Viruses attack the heart - Cause of myocarditis are usually viruses that attack the organ. "These triggers defense responses in muscle cells, leading to inflammation," explained Dr. Norbert Smetak, Chairman of the German Association of Cardiologists.

By the inflammation of the heart muscle, called myocarditis, and there is a weakening of the interference ability of the heart contraction. As a result, the overall performance is affected. Sufferers often feel tired and exhausted. Dr. Charles Livingston

Also get chest pain and shortness of breath added, you should definitely see a doctor, says Prof. Michael Böhm, director of the Department of Medicine at the University Hospital of Saarland and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation because that could be important evidence that the heart is diseased.

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The list of home remedies in the field of male contraception

Alternatively, even toothpicks or "dental sticks" for this purpose, they have a triangular shape and are relatively narrow so that the handling requires some practice. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Adolescents, young adults and people with closed spaces between teeth but should continue to use dental floss. It is more suitable for narrow spaces between the teeth. "That you should even be explained by a prophylaxis assistant," said Austria. Basically: Everyone should clean his teeth gaps once daily.

The list of home remedies in the field of male contraception is long and rather bizarre. A journey through the possibilities of sterility shows: man must be courageous and capable of suffering. Therefore, we will now conduct research in India on a "magic bullet".

400 years ago had to latest research, the first person with the idea to make a sheep gut. The ladies tried it at that time with eager hopping after the tryst. They got into the 60s, the pill; the man has not done much so terribly over the centuries. Dr. Charles Livingston

The men claim to not lie to them. In a new survey say 61 percent of the French, they would already like to avoid if they could. The problem: The pharmaceutical industry does not believe them. At least the research for preventing male is more or less come to a standstill the non-fantasy with a report from the front.

So you get the nose free good and gentle

So you get the nose free good and gentle - Snorts one hand too hard, there is a risk that the mucus is forced into the sinuses and there carries a sinus infection. For hygiene reasons, you should use dispose of the tissue in the trash and then wash your hands. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Even when sneezing can be good way to bring a handkerchief to use, if the sneezing is not too sudden, it's a good idea to blow into a paper towel. Otherwise you spread his germs all around him.

"Then also carefully the nose and handkerchief dispose" advises Deeg. A violent sneeze but you should not attempt to suppress just because one just has no handkerchief at hand.

As long as the teeth are so close together, flossing is the method of choice. Aged form in general, larger gaps that should be cleaned with special brushes.

The toothbrush is not enough. Dentists advise you also to make between the teeth for cleanliness: with larger tooth gaps with wood or special brushes for smaller floss.

People with open spaces between the teeth should use in your daily dental care special brushes. At the age gums tends to return something. Therefore, many spaces between the teeth are exposed in the elderly - because rich floss sometimes no longer explains Dietmar Oesterreich. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories

Vice President of the Federal Dental Association (BZÄK). "The research location is a thin, but clinical experience has shown that the case of open spaces between the teeth is interdental brushes of choice," he said.

Warm drinks help

Warm drinks help - Also, it is good to take plenty of warm drinks. "The trachea and esophagus run next to each other," says the doctor. The heat is transferred as well.

Against the cough also helps correct breathing. Often he is in fact caused by too rapid and shallow breathing. Who takes a breath slower and deeper, his mucous membranes may thus relieve a little. Introduction

When productive cough with mucus, it is helpful if the partner stakeholders - about four times from bottom to top, each one right, one left, advises the expert, these vibrations of the chest to loosen mucus.

Nose pull nonsense - How it looks when blowing your nose? Can also gently blow your nose? Or should we pull up the mucus rather, as some claim? "It's amazing that haunts everywhere, it is better to pull the nose. This is nonsense, "says Dr. Michael Deeg, spokesman for the Professional Association of Otolaryngologists.

"Pulling is usually not very effective. Drag the high secretion, it remains in the nose and clogged there the fine additions to the sinuses, "says ear, nose and throat doctor Deeg. Unless the mucus is drawn up so far that it passes through the throat and it swallows him although it was unappetizing, but not harmful. List Of Breakthrough Videos

Not blow nose with large print - Basically, it makes sense that the secretion is conveyed from the nose. One should note two things, says Michael Deeg: First, do not brush the nose with too much pressure.

Large number of new hair follicles

However, the researchers write that in some cases only small hairs were grown, which were often not strong enough to penetrate all layers of the skin as they grow.

Large number of new hair follicles - "For about 90 percent of women with hair loss, a hair transplant is not an option because they do not have enough hair that can be transplanted," said study author Angela Christiano. With the new method, however, could give rise to a large number of new hair follicles with cells of the patient from a few hundred hairs. Fat Loss Factor eBook

It is therefore also suitable for patients with a limited number of healthy follicles. Current therapies might only delay hair loss or stimulate the growth of existing hair follicles, Christiano said.

Before the process can be tested on humans, but further tests would have to be made, it said until now, lacked some knowledge about color or direction of hair growth newly formed. Long-term studies have also stood out. About the potential costs of such therapy, there was no information.

The cold season has begun, which is not to be missed. Colleague and seatmate cough and snort that the virus just fly like that. This is bad not only for the greater good. Vigorous coughing and blowing your nose aggravates the cold even more. FLF Weight Tracker

How to do it right - Right to cough, coughing means affectionate. This applies to both types of cough, doctors differ in principle: the productive and unproductive said Michael Barczok, board member of the Federation of pulmonologists.

Medicinal treatment with cockroaches

1,000 tons of cockroaches - Since the release of government business is booming. The demand for cockroaches currently shoots to new heights, how to write Chinese media. Therefore produce growers in China have 1,000 tons annually cockroaches. But their offer does not satisfy the demand by far. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The industry around the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is already estimated to require about 3,000 tons a year. Quickly scurry the flat insects with their powerful legs and long antennae on the walls with Zhang breeders in east China's Jiangsu Province. Friends of him also wanted to get into the business, he says.

It attracts the big money. Particularly sterile bred cockroaches for the pharmaceutical industry can contribute up to 140 Euros per pound.

The cockroaches have large hook-farms in China, however: Again and again escaped insects recently escaped from a kennel in east China Jiangsu million cockroaches. For weeks, the neighbors finally try to master about the bugs - difficult because the insects are very resistant. Dr. Charles Livingston

FDP politician Christian Linder stands by his hair transplant, BVB coach Jürgen Klopp also. In the future, for much hair loss sufferers may no longer be necessary. U.S. researchers have for the first time successfully transplanted hair cells from which sprout new hairs. On bare human skin researchers have made in the laboratory sprout hair. They had transplanted cells that give rise to new hair follicles - a process that normally takes place in the body just before birth or after injury.

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Osteoarthritis is a disease of old people

Osteoarthritis is a disease of old people worry you can even youth

Joint pain affects not only older people. Tease you may already feel in twenty years.

The reason for this fact may be inappropriately chosen sport, but also overweight. How to tell the beginning osteoarthritis and how to fight it? You need to start changing the diet. Introduction

Illustrative photo

The development of arthritis is very slow and can sometimes take several years.

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease where there is a fault restoration of particular cartilage and consequently to changes in bone and adjacent soft tissues.

Overall, affects about 12 percent of the population and the frequency of its occurrence increases with age. According to recent surveys suffer from more than half of people over the age of seventy years.

"Despite the widespread belief osteoarthritis affects both the older part of the population, as well as the younger.

Might first appear at around 20 years of life, there is usually only detectable microscopically," said Paul Drably doctor who is dedicated to rehabilitation medicine. FLF Weight Tracker

Young harmful unilateral sport activity

He added that the first impulses of arthritis often at first glance seem insignificant and trivial.

This is essentially a very common issue as inappropriately chosen sport or gradually increasing weight.

Negative emotions, stress and muscle tension

A very relaxing work stretching back bent and back-and arms when moving your body from side to side you follow the shape of the horizontal eights.

Movements should be slow and smooth, initially on a small scale," recommends. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Negative emotions

Back pain may be psychological in nature, the server writes. Researchers found that people who are able to forgive, less experienced feelings of anger, depression, anger, and also less likely to suffer physical pain.

Negative emotions, stress and muscle tension can directly affect the strength of pain. Rage so you can be bad not only mentally, but also for the physical, and often becomes significant back pain.

Lack of physical activity

Sedentary jobs and lack of exercise may show chronic back pain and neck pain.

Stiff and weak muscles due to lack of physical activity are the main causes of back pain and regular motion so you can avoid these pains. Dr. Charles Livingston

To strengthen the back muscles should focus on exercises that strengthen the muscles around the spine, are also suitable exercises to strengthen abdominal.

Improper diet

Nobody was really surprised that unhealthy foods with high calories lead to weight gain. Extra weight means extra charge for the back. Excess weight around the waist causes the pelvis thrust forward, which puts pressure on your back. Overweight individuals who suffer from back pain, often helps if slim least 5-10 percent of body weight.

Eight habits due to which you can hurt you

Eight habits due to which you can hurt your back

Back pain from time to time to most of us, and lead us miserable everyday activities. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Often you can for them yourself. How many of you need to wear too heavy purse, or hunched at a computer all day? Read what bad habits back.

If you work all day at the computer, take a moment to stretch. Your back will appreciate it

Sleeping on an old mattress

High quality mattress will last eight to ten years, and then it is necessary to replace it.

If you have not already done so or poor quality sleep on a mattress, most likely your spine lacking the administration of care it needs. And can you sooner or later know annoying back pain.

Try to replace the old mattress with a new one and back will thank you. A new mattress should be neither too hard nor too soft. In the soft body is literally immersed and get sufficient support.

"The quality of the mattress is directly proportional to the quality of sleep, hence the spine. List Of Breakthrough Videos

Suitable mattress in combination with a quality grill perfectly decomposed body weight, copies its shape and spine provide sufficient support," she told Michael Romanov, head physician of the Rehabilitation Institute Brandy’s nod Orica.

Heavy Bag

If you are a lover of bulk bags in which to stuff i buy from the supermarket, back soon hear.

Prevention of arthritis

Furthermore, there are activities such as kneeling, various squats, sit on low chairs, sharp shock, impact and jump, or rapid changes in movement or prolonged standing, which can permanently damage our joints.

Caution is therefore necessary to approach sports in which increasingly occur, for example, the squash, running, tennis, aerobics, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Prevention of arthritis is to maintain an ideal weight, in good physical condition, the mobility of joints and muscles.

Also important is a healthy diet with adequate vitamins and minerals. It is also advisable to use supplements with collagen, such as Gela drink etc.

Plays an important role but a genetic predisposition Furthermore, metabolic disorders, fractures joints, minor injuries or repetitive stereotypical joint stress

Another factor negatively affecting the joints is stress. "When muscles clamped to a painful joint or convulsively downloaded, prevents joint return to the correct position.

Stress in the muscles can become stiff and thus the whole situation to deteriorate further.

Voltage can relax massage also helps correct your posture, even while sitting at work, "explains Dr.

Osteoarthritis can be identified by several symptoms. FLF Weight Tracker

Among the most clearly are mainly pain and stiffness in the joints during exercise, as well as the sensitivity to cold and the weather, muscle pain, significant deterioration in mobility and later even pain during the night. "Typical is also called starter pain and stiffness that occurs mainly in the morning after waking up or after a long rest," says the doctor.

Inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract

Two weeks at sea a week in the mountains will improve your immunity, said a doctor

Fall and winter are the seasons when children and adults often suffer respiratory infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Sometimes it's easily treatable disease, but sometimes it can also be life. "His defense can raise a two-week stay at sea a week in the mountains," she advised readers plenum look Vaclav Berta. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

When disease doctor recommended rest and plenty of fluids and vitamins

Replies doctor

Inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract are the most common diseases in the country. Respiratory infections are divided into infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

In the case of the upper respiratory tract are par ignites and sinusitis, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, nasal pharynx, and middle ear. "For lower respiratory tract infections are the most common type of acute inflammation of the trachea, bronchi.
Here, in addition to non-infectious causes of viruses and bacteria also apply.

Thou usually cause pneumonia, pleurisy," says the doctor Vaclav Berta. Dr. Charles Livingston

About the doctor to

MD. Vaclav Bart studied first Faculty of Medicine. She worked in several hospitals, the director of the Institute for the treatment of TB and now works as a doctor at the clinic pulmonary department Medico. He is both educational and scientific activities, published in Czech and foreign journals.

How to get rid of stuffy nose

How to get rid of stuffy nose - Mix 250g flour, salt and 0.5TL 0.25TL baking powder in a bowl. 100g butter, cut into small cubes and add them to the bowl also. Rub everything between the fingers until a crumbly mixture. Enter 5EL vinegar and 1 tablespoon water to and knead everything into dough. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Possibly more water is needed. Make the dough cool 30 minutes. Take little flour on the dough and place it in a tray lined with baking paper. Prick the bottom with a fork a close.

Cut 400g onions into fine rings and chop 1 clove of garlic stewing them in a little butter. Cut a bunch of chives finely. Mix 2 eggs, 120g grated Emmental cheese, the chives, onion mass, and 1 dl milk 1 dl of cream and taste it with salt and pepper from. Distribute the weight of the pastry and bake the tart for 30-35 minutes.

Daily fitness for modern women - Daily fitness is becoming increasingly popular among people who seek physical perfection. Many of us are aware of the fact that fitness helps bring the figure up, but few know that it also develops personal qualities and helps to overcome self-doubt. List Of Breakthrough Videos

Fitness is the best assistant in the prevention of many diseases and helps maintain good health. This is probably the main reason why more and more people began to play sports.

The spring onion tastes very mild

The spring onion tastes very mild - For hot meals you should be just slightly browned. If you will be exposed to high heat, it burns and its taste is bitter. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Raw it tastes great on salads, steamed; they refined vegetable dishes such as asparagus or grilled vegetables (onions cook separately). The white onion fits with their milder flavor to steamed vegetables or as a separate vegetable side dish or grilled vegetables a tasty version.

How can we "relieve" the cough with onion? Peel, chop and cook with 3EL honey, sugar and water for 20 minutes 3EL an onion. Cooled pour into a glass. Of this syrup over the day depending 1EL drink per hour.

Hoarseness - Cut an onion into slices, put them in a soup plate and pour with 2.5 dl of lukewarm water. Cover and 3 - can be drawn 4 hours. Remove the rings and the water 2 - 3 times a day gargle 5 minutes. Each drinks a sip of it. Fast Food Foojoo Software

Stuffy nose - Overnight put a chopped onion next to the bed. This solves the clogging.

•    So no tears flow
•    Sit down for cutting. The vapors rise so not directly in your eyes.
•    Wash the onion under running water before processing.
•    Put on a mask.
•    Open the window. A breeze dispersed the fumes away from you faster.
•    Onion and cheese tart for 4 people or a cake plate from 28-30cm in diameter.

Onions - essential oils for health

The forced-eater - Eating, even if he is not hungry in a short time and then has very large amounts of guilt, there may be a feeling of fullness, but the forced eater does not have to be sick. Such binge eating occurs regularly and take at least half a year. Again, we advise you to seek medical and psychological help. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Onions - essential oils for health

After production, the quantity of onion is the third most important vegetable in Switzerland. 1 serving is a big onion. You can enjoy seasonal onions throughout the year. As with the leeks and garlic in the essential oil Allicin is responsible for the taste. Allicin stimulates the processing of these vegetables mucous membranes, so the tears roll down and the nose begins to run.

The stubborn onion smell on your hands you get going when you wash immediately after processing your hands with cold water. If that does not help completely, rub the wet hands on the chrome faucet or wash it off with cold water-milk mixture with lemon juice or diluted vinegar. There are many different types of onion. They differ in color, shape, size and taste. Dr. Charles Livingston

What bulb for which menu? The Onion is sharp in taste. Therefore, it is suitable for hearty meat dishes such as stews, casseroles or meatloaf.

Shopping at how much fat a food contains

It depends on the quantity. Make sure you already shopping at how much fat a food contains and whether it is fat-rich foods (about 10 g of fat per 100 g) is really worth, or whether there is a lower-fat alternative. Introduction

The nibbler, Snack-Eater - He eats regularly between meals and thus comes to 5-7 meals a day. A wide variety of foods (also salty and sweet) are eaten across each other. He eats, because he feels like it, he's hungry or bored, or to calm down.

Tip: Avoid at the moment when everything that you could be dangerous during the intervals. Take your own, low-fat snacks with you when you travel. So you can access at any time to the apple or yogurt instead to control the next stand and something to buy.

The Night Eater - He often skips breakfast, because he eats, especially in the evening or at night about half the calorie intake is taken after 19 clocks. He has insomnia and goes several times a week at night to the fridge. If the symptom persists for more than 3 months, is spoken by the "night-eater". Fat Loss Factor Success Stories

If you include this, you should seek medical and psychological help, it is worth it because you sleep through the night and are therefore relaxed and your weight will change.

Do you prefer low-fat protein and starch supplements

Do you prefer low-fat protein and starch supplements to the great hunger and drink 2-3 glasses of energy drinks before, on or after the meal.

The sweet-eater - He loves anything sweet, for both dining and drinks. He sweetens the coffee, the tea, the muesli - everything is possible, the main thing sweet. Visit weight loss program

Therefore, he takes on more than one quarter of the daily calorie requirement on sugar. Tip: Sweet is fine and of course ok, but the amount is crucial. Especially soft drinks are insidious because one cannot tell them the immense amount of sugar. Change in beverage selection to water, unsweetened tea or diet drinks.

Go curious shopping and stay at Candy Regal long standing, to compare to analyze with each other. If a food contains per 100 g of zero to five grams of fat, it is considered to be low in fat. You will be amazed at the selection you have there.

Try it by yourself and you will find good-tasting alternatives that will give you book less - i.e. on the hips, beat. List Of Breakthrough Videos

The fat-eater - He loves everything Oily and prepares its food with lots of fat or oil; much butter on bread, a lot of oil to fry food, deep fried foods. He comes loose on more than 100 g fat per day. A gram of fat contains 9 calories; with 100 grams of fat are the "flaky" 900 calories in a small volume.

What to do if you have thin and weak hair

If you have thin and weak hair, you can count on effective treatment with agave. If you want to make yourself different products for hair, skin, or drug components, be sure to observe the proportions and stick to recipes that have been tested by time and experience. Obesity is not just overweight. Each person has their own eating habits and thus the reasons for obesity can be very different. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Therefore, there is not a specific measure to get the weight under control, but they should be individually adjusted. First, it is important that you analyze your eating habits to identify sticking points as possible can. The Swiss Obesity Foundation (SAPS) has defined four different factors.

Under SAPS find a test to find out which type you tend. However, you may also recognize certain patterns again, if you read the brief descriptions below for the types. Home Workout Generator

The Big Eater - He eats per day only two to four times, and does not eat between meals. But he eats several servings within the same meal until it is full. He likes to eat and has no guilt when he (to) eat a lot. Tips for the Great Eater: Make sure that you draw the foods with "low energy density". Take plenty of salad and vegetables (low-fat cooked), from which you can scooping any time. Enjoy a fine soup as a starter to tickle the stomach to talk and fill.

An upset digestive system is used for the treatment of gastric juice

An upset digestive system is used for the treatment of gastric juice of Aloe-vera plant. Agave pulp is applied to the sore spot on the surface of the body, as well as the nerves of the treated pulp. In the treatment of the common cold, as an antipyretic agent, you can rinse his mouth infusion. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Due to the high concentration of vitamins and mineral elements, it is constantly used in cosmetology. Aloe popular that is used for any type of skin, dry and normal skin is perfectly moisturized and equipment with the addition of aloe juice, oily skin, this plant will soothe, relieve inflammation. Perfect for mature skin because increase flexibility; speed up regeneration, thus extending its youth.

If the patient and prepare biostimulirovanny aloe juice, you can increase the benefit from it several times. Aloe juice is contained in cosmetics in the various lotions, scrubs, the means to wash. Through his juice soften and remove dead skin cells, the pores on face are not clogged skin a healthy glow. Get rid of wrinkles and smooth skin help mask of aloe. FLF Weight Tracker

Aloe juice is an indispensable quality of antiseptic for skin problem, using it you will get rid of acne, without fear of the appearance of scars. It is also used in shampoos, masks, hair care products, etc. By the way, is effective against hair loss, to strengthen them, gives a healthy well-groomed hair, and perfectly stimulates their growth.

Mechanical peeling is the most accessible

Mechanical peeling - the most accessible and easiest method that is often used in self-care but we should not forget the fact that this procedure is still thin skin and can be traumatic. When selecting a scrub better to give preference to formulations with the smallest abrasives. If you have thin dry skin, this type of peel you contraindicated. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

In chemical peeling surface layer of the skin is dissolved by the acid. This is a more complex and demanding procedures, which are best left to the beautician. Determine the correct concentration and time of action of the acid - a rather difficult task for the layman. The error may cause chemical burns of the skin.

However, there are drugs for self-application. They contain fruit acids in low concentrations and are rather low degree of exposure. Professional chemical peel treatments carried out in cosmetology rooms are very popular due to its effectiveness. They have a strong stimulating and rejuvenating effect.

Each type of skin should choose a method and means for peeling individually. Only in this case, you can get a good result and do not damage the skin. Fast Food Foojoo Software

Aloe and It’s Applications - Aloe plant, or as it is called by another, agave has useful properties that are capable of human longevity and good health. Now, almost every house has this room doctor. The juice of Aloe Vera contains vitamins A, C, E, B12, essential oils. It has around 20 chemical elements which are helpful for the human body.

The difference between mechanical and chemical peels

What is exfoliation? The difference between mechanical and chemical peels

The skin renewal process is continuous throughout life. The fine particles of dead skin peeled off to make room for new ones. It happens almost imperceptibly. However, factors such as excessive sebum secretion for oily skin, the use of creams, decorative cosmetics can prevent the free removal of dead skin from the surface of the particles. Daily cleansing of the skin to some extent solves the problem, but sometimes it takes more substantial impact. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The procedure is called a deep cleansing exfoliation. The term is translated to English language means "clean off the rind." The essence of the peeling is to remove the top layer of skin, which consists of compacted dead skin particles. They are glued together sebum, the remains of cosmetics, dust and dirt, and the usual surface cleaning not cope with them.

Under the influence of the alignment of the skin is peeling. It becomes more smooth and delicate, improves complexion. After the procedure of deep cleaning the skin better absorb and assimilate useful components of cosmetics. Dr. Charles Livingston

The most common type of peeling - peeling. This is a mechanical type of exposure. In this case, the upper layer of the skin grinds with abrasive particles. Peeling represent cream or gel base with the addition of a filler finely crushed fruit stones or shells of nuts, clay particles, cereal bran.

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Strengthen the immune system

In Indian households these sacred tree is like any healer for everyday ailments and is therefore also called the "Village Pharmacy”. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

The enema is still used as a natural toothbrush and beautiful pressed oil that you can take to strengthen the immune system. In from seeds

In the last 20 years, many scientific studies on the effect of Name. Here are a lot of traditions from known applications as active confirmed, so there are now more and more products for various applications on the market.

Name oil has antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. To be used pure or in mixtures including at ; care dry or sensitive skin , pains , herpes , psoriasis , acne , dermatitis , edema , ( swimmers ) eczema,  skin fungus , nail fungus , scabies and lice . If packing in the treatment of dandruff and oily scalp

The oil can blend well with other essential oils and base oils. Add up to 10 % in skin care products. To 3% in manicures and pedicures 1-2 % in insect repellent products. Home Workout Generator

Contraindication: The garlic -like, sulfur smell is not purely applied by everyone as enjoyable and sometimes makes it difficult. It is not recommended to take to use during pregnancy or if you want to get pregnant warden Big not normally known negative side effects.



In today's society it is not always easy to eat healthy and it is difficult to follow that contains all the nutrients our body needs. A diet much of the food we eat is processed which are missing important nutrients. It therefore contains a large proportion of our diet too few vitamins and minerals. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

What is B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin which can be stored in the liver. It is essential for the recycling of many enzymes, including an enzyme that is involved in the production of the active ingredient of vitamin B9. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can thus paradoxically soon lead to a deficiency of vitamin B9.

An adult every second on average more than 2 million new red blood cells This requires vitamin B12 and B9 needed. A shortage of B9 caused by too little B12 anemia (characterized by the presence of large red blood cells), and chronic fatigue.

In a well-composed vegetarian meal it is possible to get without meat or fish. All necessary vitamins and minerals But there are a few things to remember. These are iron and B12. Dr. Charles Livingston

Vitamin B12 is found only in animal products such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Therefore, vegetarians daily dairy (and eggs) use.

Feeling pain during exercise

Heels Buttocks: During a quiet run your shovel to turn your feet toward your buttocks It is important to keep straight. Your upper body during this exercise as much as possible. Introduction

Feet touch: Stand with your legs spread considerably, hit with your right foot to your left and vice versa.

During these exercises you supposed to feel any pain.

Plausible training

In the beginning, twice a week running the maximum, this can later build up to three to four times a week. You must also give your body rest when your body indicates that it is not going well, then listening to. Walk in the beginning especially for long distances, when you have underestimated the distance do not be afraid to finish the route. Walking

Cool down

The cool-down are you doing to drain the waste, and lowering the body temperature. This gives you faster recovery of the previous efforts. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories

During the cool-down will keep you first have quiet running with occasional accelerate Buy Now. Then walk a bit off. Finally, you perform the same exercises as the warm-up.

Wheatgrass is rich in vital nutrients that are present without chemical treatment or influence of man. Wheatgrass contains vitamins A , C , E , B1 , B2 , B3 , B6 and K.

Drinking enough to keep your straight up

Drink enough

While running you lose a lot of moisture, so it is important to properly maintain it. Levels It's annoying to have to, go to the bathroom while running, therefore it is best to 45 minutes before you start drinking extra and if you leave a moment to visit the toilet. During the run, it is reasonable to drink. 100-200 milliliters per quarter. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Warming up

The warm-up is very important here to make your muscles loosen, making it reduced the risk of injury and enhances athletic performance.

You start with walking or running very quiet, you do this about 3 minutes to warm your muscles.

Then switch off the following exercises:

Hopping: Small steps that make you light lifting your knees.

Knee lift: Here you lift during a quiet run to turn the left and right leg 90 degrees.

Arm swing: Any ongoing relaxing your arms to the front and rear sway." List Of Breakthrough Videos

Hips rotate: During this exercise are your legs slightly spread. Rotate your hips slowly large circles, then keep trying. The rest of your body as still as possible

Turning the head: Carefully small circles with your head while your legs are slightly spread Five times left and 5 right times is often sufficient.

The Basic cure for the heart

The basic cure represents the heart of Ayurvedic medicine. The intensive therapies of the cure focus on cleansing and purification, weight management, as well regeneration and harmonization of bio-energies, the balance of body and mind is the basis of the joy of life, vitality and ability to perform. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Remove the root cause of illness

Brings the physical Humor Vita, Kappa Petal and balanced

Improves Immunity

Bring the Nervous System, the vasculature of the blood

Digestive System and also as physiological balance in balance

Remove Toxins that are located on the body of weakness

The Mental and Physical efficiency is restored

The skin of the body is restored

Reduces extra fat

Remove insomnia, anxiety and mental problems

The loss increases strength and endurance is restored

It gives more positive energy

A treatment is originally from India but you can also do the treatment in the Netherlands.

Recipe for repelling insects on plants: mixing 25 ml Name oil with 25 ml emulsifier, add 10 ml of this mixture to a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Shake well and with vermin infested plants sprayed several times. FLF Weight Tracker

Recipe for bath oil : 3 ml. Name oil mixing with 70 ml  oil of your choice , e.g. almond oil , avocado oil or thistle oil , 5 ml Essential oil of your choice such as Rosewood, Palmaris, Hobbled or Lavender and 13 ml. emulsifier Stir the mixture well ones add 2 tablespoons per bath

Recipe for: mix 2 ml. Name oil with 100 ml. Coconut oil and add 20 drops Lavender desired and / or 20 drops Palma Rosa added. This mixture applied to the skin to keep mosquitoes away.

Body and spiritual cleansing


The ancient Panache Karma cleansing cycles from India to cleanse, rejuvenate, heal, relax and can serve as disease prevention. The treatments restore the natural balance. Vitality and strength of the self-healing ability bring you back into balance. Saved Reduces Its pollution and leaves the body. See weight loss program

Pinch karma is the cleansing and detoxification measure of three dashes:

Vita, Pita and Kappa, ensure a dynamic balance in health and wellness. Hitting the three dashes in balance than occur slag and toxins, called "Amax" in the body tissues and channels.

The thorough cleaning of the organism of all "Am" is the precondition for a profound healing. This cleaning process is the self-healing power of the body freely and supported other therapies aimed at harmonizing the dishes.

The so-called Pan Chakra therapy is the profound and effective method to physical and spiritual cleansing and regeneration to perform and also restore the dynamic balance of the bio-energies. Fast Food Foojoo Software

"Panache" means "five" and "Karma" means "acting" or "progress". The therapies of pan chakra are toxins and slogs dissolved in our body and removes from our natural excretory organs.

Classic Indian medicine

In Indian households these sacred tree is like any healer for everyday ailments and is therefore also called the "Village Pharmacy”. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

The enema is still used as a natural toothbrush and beautiful pressed oil that you can take to strengthen the immune system. In from seeds

In the last 20 years, many scientific studies on the effect of Name. Here are a lot of traditions from known applications as active confirmed, so there are now more and more products for various applications on the market.

Name oil has antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. To be used pure or in mixtures including at ; care dry or sensitive skin , pains , herpes , psoriasis , acne , dermatitis , edema , ( swimmers ) eczema,  skin fungus , nail fungus , scabies and lice . If packing in the treatment of dandruff and oily scalp

The oil can blend well with other essential oils and base oils. Add up to 10 % in skin care products. To 3% in manicures and pedicures 1-2 % in insect repellent products. Dr. Charles Livingston

Contraindication: The garlic -like, sulfur smell is not purely applied by everyone as enjoyable and sometimes makes it difficult. It is not recommended to take to use during pregnancy or if you want to get pregnant warden Big not normally known negative side effects.