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Avoid Drop in blood sugar during pregnancy

Avoid for baby to drop blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in childbirth;

Decrease rate of cesarean section. weight loss program

Its Gestational diabetes is initially treated with meal planning and exercise.

If these measures are inherently not the expected effects, insulin treatment is indicated (this is because the effects of oral ant diabetic agents are not well established in pregnancy, so they cannot be used at this time.

Nutritional Therapy and Physical Activities

For many women, the Nutritional therapy is sufficient to maintain blood glucose within the values recommended by the doctor. Therefore, it is important to visit a nutritionist.

The amount of daily calories, as well as the type of food, is standardized with reference to the current weight of the pregnant woman, her rate of weight gain and the magnitude of change of the fetus (ultrasound).

Physical exercises: increase the passage of glucose from the blood into the cells, reducing blood levels even some people with special needs during pregnancy can.

Swimming and / or walking. Contraindications will be directed by the physician. Dr. Charles Livingston

Insulin Therapy

The Insulin therapy is used and recommended by a doctor, if there is difficulty in achieving satisfactory results only with diet. Indication: Exchange = fasting glucose above 105 mg / do glucose Exchange quantified 2 hours after meal = above 130 mg / do.

Insulin therapy should be closely monitored and controlled, since deviations of diet and exercise can trigger severe hypoglycemia.

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