Monday, 2 December 2013

Association for e-Health

Digital doctoring

Mole is a board member of the Dutch Association for e-Health Ten years ago; he was the first doctor that started with e-mail consultations. Fat Loss Factor eBook

When digital doctoring was still controversial The National Association of General Practitioners found it "downright irresponsible" to act without the doctor had seen them off. Asking patients


The tide has turned. The KNMG, the professional organization of physicians, has established guidelines for online contact between patient and physician.

And now the doctor gets paid for e-mail consultations: as much as for a telephone consultation (rates January 2012 - end). GPs are not obliged to communicate with patients. E-mail

In 2010 was estimated to be only 10 per cent of GPs the possibility. Robert Mol: "They are afraid that they will get even busier, but it really is not that patients mail about every little thing, they have more trepidation I receive an average of two emails per day, that there could be many more... Home Workout Generator

“The e-mail consultation is not only fast and efficient, will Mol. "I notice that the patient also helps to get because they need to clearly describe what they suffer from. In an e-mail more insight into their complaints"

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